10 Outstanding Examples Of Great Customer Service

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Nowadays, excellent customer service is considered the highest badge of merit that a company can earn.

It is an attribute that many people value more than low pricing or even product quality. This is why entrepreneurs who focus on their clients’ needs and seek opportunities that take their customer service to the next level are gaining competitive advantage on the market.

Social media users love to share their stories. User-generated content is a huge opportunity for companies to promote their services.

The Internet is full of outstanding gestures that brands have made for individual clients. Even if you haven’t personally experienced customer service like this, you’d still pick companies going the extra mile for a customer.

Read on and check out the best examples of good customer service situations.

1. Samsung.

A 26-year old loyal fan of Samsung messaged the company via Facebook, telling them that he enjoyed many Samsung products and asked for a free Galaxy S III to replace his old one. He even drew a picture of a dragon, just for Samsung. The company appreciated his effort and sent Shane a kangaroo drawing in return, dedicated to their loyal client.


The delighted customer could not resist sharing the story on the Internet. As it went viral and gained much publicity, the company decided to gift him with the requested smartphone with the very same dragon he drew, etched right onto the body of the phone itself as well as the box it arrived in.

The Takeaway from Samsung:

Surprise and Delight
Samsung’s example teaches us that creating a personalized customer experience, even in response to an unusual request, can result in brand loyalty and positive word-of-mouth marketing. It’s all about the surprise and delight factor – doing the unexpected to create a memorable experience for your customers.



Another story is about KROSS, a Polish company that makes bicycles and bike frames.

They also make a great example of going the extra mile for a customer. Three very young boys decided to earn and save money for their dream bikes on their own. They offered help around the neighborhood, like taking out the trash or shopping for groceries in exchange for small tips. Their positive attitudes moved the entire country and also the company, which decided to give them all new bikes.

The Takeaway from KROSS:

Proactive Generosity
KROSS shows us that recognizing and rewarding the hard work and dedication of customers can pay dividends. This act of proactive generosity not only won the hearts of the three boys but also won the admiration of many others who heard about the story.

3. Gaylord Opryland.

The Gaylord Opryland hotel knows exactly how to satisfy their regular customers.

Christina McMenemy, who stayed at the resort three years in a row, was enchanted by the specific spa-music that the clock radio played at the resort. She desperately wanted to have one for herself, as every time she got back home from the Gaylord Opryland hotel, she found herself missing that light and relaxing music. During her most recent trip to Opryland, she asked the hotel via Twitter where she could get the amazing alarm clock, but it turned out that it had been custom made for the resort.

Gaylord Opryland

A little disappointed, Christina appreciated Opryland’s effort and gave up on the hunt for her dream clock. But to her surprise, when she got back to her room, she found two clock radios sitting next to each other along with a note, saying “we hope you enjoy these spa sounds at home”.

The Takeaway from Gaylord Opryland:

Listening and Responding to Customer Needs
Gaylord Opryland’s story shows the importance of listening to your customers’ needs and going above and beyond to meet them. Even if the product or service a customer is looking for isn’t directly tied to your core business, fulfilling this need can leave a lasting impression and build loyalty.

4. Brand24.

Brand24 is known for its individual approach to clients at totally unexpected moments.

1. Brand24.

You can test us, go ahead! Just drop us a line in the on-site chat in the lower right corner.

1. Brand24.

Once, a Brand24 team member was onboard a train and noticed that the passenger seated next to him was browsing the tool’s pricing page on the product’s website. The Brand24 employee didn’t hesitate to inform Brand24’s CEO about this. The reaction was fast and spectacular — within a few minutes, Brand24’s programmers added a banner on the pricing tab:

The man traveling by Smok Wawelski train from Krakow to Warsaw, seat 23, car 18, gets a 15% discount on any subscription plan.”

The story was widely shared in social media.

The Takeaway from Brand24:

Real-Time Engagement
The Brand24 story highlights the significance of real-time engagement and the power of personalization in customer service. Being observant, making spontaneous decisions, and capitalizing on real-time opportunities can lead to extraordinary customer experiences.

5. Ritz-Carlton

Here’s another example of going an extra mile for a customer. You have probably heard of the Ritz-Carlton, a hotel chain known for their great customer service. On one particular visit, a mother together with her two children had spent a few days there on vacation, and when they got back home, her son discovered that his beloved stuffed giraffe, Joshie, had gone missing. The boy was devastated, so his parents decided to tell him that “Joshie is just taking an extra long vacation at the resort.” That very same night, the Ritz-Carlton called to tell them that they found Joshie. The relieved parents asked if the staff would mind taking a picture of the giraffe at the hotel to authenticate a fabricated story. After a couple days, the parents received a package with Joshie and a bunch of pictures that proved Joshie’s prolonged holiday.


The Takeaway from Ritz-Carlton:

Providing Emotional Support Ritz-Carlton reminds us that great customer service experience is not just about physical products or services, but also about providing emotional support. Understanding and responding to the emotional needs of customers can result in unforgettable experiences and loyal customers.

6. Sainsbury

Another story starring a child and giraffe is related to the third largest chain of supermarkets in the United Kingdom, Sainsbury.

The store sells bread that used to be called tiger bread. The company renamed it after a 3.5-year old girl’s “intervention”. Lily Robinson was quite confused by this product’s name as it did not resemble a tiger at all; it was more like a giraffe.

The girl, with a little assistance from her mom and dad, wrote a letter to Sainsbury’s customer service department explaining her worries about the wrong branding. The customer support manager agreed with Lily entirely in his letter, admitting that calling the product tiger bread seemed a bit silly now. Lily’s mother posted the entire correspondence with the supermarket chain on her blog, unintentionally forcing Sainsbury to change the name of the bread to a more appropriate one.

Lily's letter and Chris's letter

source: jamandgiraffes.com

The Takeaway from Sainsbury:

Valuing Customer Feedback

Sainsbury’s story underscores the power of valuing customer feedback. Listening to and acting on customer suggestions not only shows that you value their opinions but also helps in improving your products and services.

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7. Lenovo

Lenovo Poland was given an unusual gift by one of its fans. He sent them a “homemade” Lenovo ThinkPad fitted with an old-school computer keyboard. You can admire his handiwork in the picture below (left). The company appreciated his effort and gift, reciprocating with a brand-new Lenovo ThinkPad. Now, that’s an example of going the extra mile for a customer!


The Takeaway from Lenovo:

Appreciating Customer Effort Lenovo’s story signifies the importance of appreciating customers’ efforts and loyalty. Recognizing and rewarding a customer’s contribution helps to create a strong bond and reinforce the value the company places on its customers.

8. Pizza Hut

This story speaks for itself. A Pizza Hut customer who ordered on a regular basis had suddenly gone MIA. The Pizza Hut branch was concerned about its loyal client and called him, asking if he was okay, as he had not ordered from them for over two weeks. To his surprise, they also offered him a complimentary “welcome back” pizza. He did not hesitate to share the story on Facebook.


The Takeaway from Pizza Hut:

Keeping Track of Customer Habits Pizza Hut demonstrates that keeping track of your customers’ habits can lead to unique opportunities to show you care. Paying attention to changes in regular behavior can provide chances to reach out, thereby strengthening customer relationships.

9. LG


LG also knows what going an extra mile in customer service means. A 10-year-old girl wrote an announcement about her lost LG E400 phone with a request for help in finding it. Internet users discovered this unusual handwritten publication and started sharing it in social media. It spread widely throughout the web and even reached the LG producer. The girl did not have to wait too long. The company soon surprised her with a brand-new LG Swift L3II.

The Takeaway from LG:

Responding to Negative Experiences LG’s experience emphasizes the importance of turning a negative customer experience into a positive one. Taking prompt action in response to a customer’s negative experience can not only resolve the issue but also transform the customer’s perception of the brand.

10. Morton’s Steakhouse

Peter Shankman, an angel investor, tweeted just before boarding his flight, asking Morton’s Steakhouse to meet him at the airport with a porterhouse steak on arrival. When he landed, he found a man wearing a tuxedo and holding a bag with a juicy steak inside. He shared this on his Twitter profile immediately.

Morton's Steakhouse

The Takeaway from Morton’s Steakhouse:

Exceeding Expectations Morton’s Steakhouse provides a great example of exceeding expectations. Going above and beyond, even in response to a whimsical request, can result in a memorable customer experience and a strong, positive public response.

How to Provide Outstanding Customer Service?

Customer service is not a department it’s an attitude.

I believe we all agree on this one.

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Do you know other great examples of outstanding customer service? Or, if you have one, give me an example of when you went the extra mile for a customer!


What are 3 things that show good customer service?

It’s pretty rare to see companies deliver exceptional customer service. It entails a deep understanding of the customer journey, taking note of their needs, preferences, and expectations. There are three key elements that show good customer service:

Proactive communication: This involves providing timely and efficient responses to customer inquiries or concerns, updating customers about changes or developments in your service, and making them feel heard and understood.

Personalization: Tailoring the customer journey to individual needs and preferences is essential in modern customer service. This can involve anything from product recommendations to personalized communications.

Going the extra mile: Delivering beyond what’s expected of you can make a significant difference in how your customers perceive your brand and foster customer loyalty.

What are customer service skills?

Good customer service skills are a combination of technical and interpersonal competencies that enable customer service teams to interact effectively with customers, resolve their issues, and ensure they are satisfied customers. Here are a few key skills:

  1. Communication: This involves expressing oneself clearly, listening attentively to customer concerns, and providing straightforward answers to their questions.
  2. Empathy: Understanding and sharing the feelings of the customer is crucial to establishing rapport and making them feel valued and heard.
  3. Problem-solving: This involves assessing a customer’s issue and coming up with effective and efficient solutions to address it.
  4. Patience: Sometimes, customers may be frustrated or have complex issues. The ability to stay calm and patient while working through their concerns is critical.

What words describe great customer service?

Words that describe excellent customer service often refer to the level of customer satisfaction achieved through interactions with customer service reps. They include:

  1. Responsive: This refers to the ability to quickly and effectively respond to customer inquiries or concerns.
  2. Empathetic: Great customer service requires understanding the customer’s feelings and perspective, showing them that you care about their experiences.
  3. Knowledgeable: Customers often reach out with specific questions or issues. Being well-versed in the company’s products or services is necessary to provide accurate information and solutions.
  4. Reliable: Consistency in delivering quality service is key to building trust and satisfaction among customers.

What are some customer service tips?

To provide great customer service and avoid poor customer service, consider these tips:

  1. Prioritize active listening: Ensure you fully understand the customer’s issue before proposing a solution. Avoid interrupting and clarify if necessary.
  2. Be proactive: Don’t wait for issues to escalate. Identify potential problems and address them before they become serious concerns.
  3. Personalize your service: Address customers by name and try to tailor your services to their specific needs and preferences.
  4. Ask for feedback: Regularly check in with customers to ask for their thoughts on your service. This can provide valuable insights into areas of improvement.

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