5 Social Media Management Apps to Curate Conversion-oriented Content

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According to a recent study by Shareaholic, social media is now the #1 source of referral traffic to websites, contributing 31.24% of the total traffic. This means that you should review your social media strategy seriously, to convert those invaluable website visits. How?

Ask your social media manager the following questions.

  • Are you targeting the right audience?
  • Are you sharing the right content?
  • Are you publishing at the right time and with the right frequency?

Some of those questions can be effectively addressed by using the right social media management apps. Here are 5 such apps to curate conversion-oriented content.

1. Quora to curate insights on the gaps between audience knowledge and your product

One of the reasons why you convert only a small percentage of website visitors is because your audience is unaware of the value of your product. They either don’t need your product yet, aren’t looking for a solution or haven’t recognized how it can change their lives. An easy way to demonstrate the value of your product online (or on social media) is by talking about the circumstances in which your product is useful.

Never assume anything about your audience. What you believe is useful to your audience may not be. If you develop a Saas product with 10 features, the 2 features that you assume are the most popular may in fact be the least popular. So, how can you find questions that are really being asked? Ask Quora.

Start with the search results for your industry keyword on Quora. Browse through the questions and make note of who’s asking them. Is that the audience you want to attract?

Once you have questions being asked by your audience, use them. Use them directly on social posts, as questions in expert interview series or as the titles of blog posts which you can then share on social media.

2. DrumUp to curate engaging content that your audience would appreciate and increase referrals

Many companies post content to their social media pages blindfolded. What I mean by blindfolded is that they don’t plan content based on actual audience insights. They invest heavily in creating repetitive and pointless content, and don’t measure engagement on the content shared to their social media pages. DrumUp is a social media management tool with functionality that could address these problem points.

Setup keywords related to your industry and RSS feeds of top blogs and news agencies on DrumUp. Once you have, you can sift through content recommendations tailored to your target audience on a daily basis, and easily share the posts that make a good fit.

Connect your social media pages to DrumUp and save your evergreen posts – blog posts, guides, memes, brand mentions and positive reviews in “libraries” or folders on the tool. From there, you can setup automatic publishing schedules to increase the reach and in turn referral traffic from your original posts.

Finally, visit each social account’s analytics page on DrumUp and sort posts by engagement to see which posts to focus on more. This is an effortless way to constantly refine your social media content strategy.

3. Brand24 to curate positive brand mentions, reviews, influencer content and sales opportunities that can convert social media users

There’s a ton of great content for your brand on social media. This could be in the form of positive brand mentions and reviews or influencer content. Manually searching for this type of content can be time and effort intensive. Instead, you could setup projects to automatically collect these types of content on a social media monitoring tool such as DrumUp.

The keywords you use will determine the quality of content you find. To identify the right keywords, imagine different instances in which your target audience would be using them. Here you target audience is happy customers (for positive reviews), influencers (for top-notch content) and immediate-requirement prospects (for sales).

If you’re in photography, you could set up “brand name” to collect positive reviews. Brand24 has built-in sentiment analysis which will help you sort only positive mentions. For influencer content, setup their Twitter handles or unique hashtags.

Brand24 gives real-time notification even on the phone. So you can participate in social media conversations, real-time, wherein they have the most value.

4. Buzzsumo to curate popular content and identify opportunities to earn social media shares and backlinks

Buzzsumo is a social media content analysis tool that measures and reports content engagement stats based on keywords that you enter. For instance, if social media marketing is one aspect of your niche, the tool would find and report top performing social posts on social media marketing. The tool would also find the top sharers of that content and the blogs or websites that have added backlinks to that content.

Using Buzzsumo, analyze top performing content for all your important keywords. The titles are insights in themselves, because titles decide if someone will read the rest of your post or not.

Many people look at social media marketing as a simple content creation exercise. They don’t spend enough time marketing the content that they create by sharing in niche groups and conversations. Using Buzzsumo, you can identify whom to engage with and include in your social media audience.

While it’s not recommended to directly reach out for shares and backlinks, you can identify the top shares (target audience members) in your niche and build relationships with them over time.

5. SumoMe to convert social media referrals into leads for email and event marketing

The ultimate goal of every social media marketer is to develop sticky leads. Not any leads, but sticky leads. Why invest in creating effective content and attracting tons of website visitors if they’re just going to leave? One way to engage visitors is by getting them to join your email and event marketing lists.

SumoMe is a website optimization tool that has lead capture forms for this very purpose. Based on your website visitors’ temperament, you can design an engaging email capture form to get them to part with their emails. You can also use the tool to A/B test this design against other possible designs to identify the one that works best.

You can also use SumoMe’s social media share plugin to enable easy sharing of your blogs posts in an attempt to further increase your social media referrals. This plugin which counts your shares also doubles-up as social proof to encourage more people to share your content.

Finally, you can also measure the stats of and optimize that email capture form, so you can increase lead capture efficiency over time.


As social media usage increases, so does the possibility of attract more target groups from social media. You need a smart social media strategy and the right tools to capitalize on that growing potential. This post describes 5 such tools that can get you started.

Author bio:

Disha Dinesh is a social media and content marketing enthusiast who writes extensively about small business marketing at DrumUp.io.

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