8 Daily Media Monitoring Tips

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Daily media monitoring is an important part of your marketing activities. Tracking the mentions about your brand, products, or services online has numerous benefits for your company including improved customer service, additional customers’ insights, sentiment analysis, or managing your brand reputation.

There is one but.

If you want to benefit from media monitoring insights, you need to examine the results of your media monitoring project regularly.

That’s easier said than done.

You probably get so busy with your tasks, you forget about your daily coffee fix, not to mention checking media monitoring dashboard.

How to make media monitoring your daily routine and benefit from all the perks of the monitoring process?

Hopefully, with our tips for daily media monitoring you’ll be able to get the most out of your media monitoring tool.

Without further ado, here are our tips for daily media monitoring!

All of the examples are based on Brand24, but I’m sure you can implement them for most media monitoring tools.

If you don’t have a media monitoring solution yet, but you find the benefits of media monitoring interesting, give us a try!

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Here are our 8 daily media monitoring tips!

  • 1. Check out the Slack integration
  • 2. Media monitoring app
  • 3. Email notifications
  • 4. Apply filters to your media monitoring project
  • 5. Get the knowledge from the Summary tab
  • 6. Infographic
  • 7. Analysis tab
  • 8. Compare your results to your competitors
  • 1. Check out the Slack integration

    This is by far my favourite life hack when it comes to daily media monitoring.

    You can integrate any project in your dashboard with a dedicated Slack channel. Every time a new mention is added to your project, you receive a Slack notification.

    Slack integration is a life changer when it comes to daily media monitoring activities.

    print screen showing daily media monitoring tip – Slack integration

    You can stay up-to-date with recent developments in your projects. You can spot negative mentions right away and react in time to prevent a crisis.

    You will also always have a general idea on how your company is doing online. You’ll know whether the number of mentions is higher or lower than usual.

    If you defined filters in your media monitoring project, you’ll receive filtered messages in your Slack channel.

    Which means you’ll only get mentions with negative sentiment, from a specific domain, from a specific public profile, and so on.

    2. Media monitoring app

    Another way to stay on top of your media monitoring project is to use a mobile app.

    Brand24 offers an app both for Android and iOS.

    Just as with the Slack integration, you can receive pop ups notifications based on your project settings.

    print screen showing a media monitoring app which can help in your daily media monitoring activities

    Inside the app, you’ll have access to all your projects.

    Bear in mind that the app only gives you access to the mentions collected by the media monitoring tool. If you want to add filters to your project, delete mentions, or take a look at any tab, you need to do in the desktop version.

    3. Email notifications

    If you don’t have access to Slack or a mobile app, don’t worry! We got you covered!

    There are always email notifications you can count on.

    In Brand24, go to the Project Settings and click on notifications. Inside the panel, you can choose the email addresses that will receive notifications, frequency, and filters you had applied to your project.

    Receiving emails regularly will help your team with their daily media monitoring activities. Every member of your team can access the results of media monitoring project right away and act accordingly with the company’s strategy.

    print screen showing an email notification, one of the daily media monitoring tips

    You can also forward email notifications. If someone outside your team wants to see the results of a media monitoring project, you can easily share the email report.

    It contains not only mentions but also the most important metrics, such as:

    • reach
    • interactions
    • number of positive and negative mentions
    • the number of followers of social media public profiles
    • sentiment

    You have to admit, that’s quite a lot of useful information you can use every day!

    4. Apply filters to your media monitoring project

    Filters are the secret weapon for every person using media monitoring.

    Thanks to filters you can see only the results pertinent to your media monitoring goal.

    That’s vital if you monitor projects that produce a great number of results.

    It’s important to collect all of them, since it will give you a general idea on how often people talk about the topic, where do they do that, and what’s the sentiment around the mentions.

    But you also have to analyse some particular mentions in greater detail.

    filters in a media monitoring tool you can use in your daily media monitoring project

    That’s why filters will help your daily media monitoring activities.

    In the dashboard, you can select multiple filters, for example:

    • the sentiment filter
    • country filter
    • interactions filter
    • number of visits filter
    • domain filter
    • date filter

    Depending on your media monitoring goal, you can adjust the filters to get the most relevant results of media monitoring daily.

    For example, if you want to protect your brand reputation, you should take a deeper look at the sentiment filter.

    A surge in the number of mentions with negative sentiment is worth investigating. If you check your media monitoring project daily, you won’t be surprised by a full-blown crisis.

    5. Get the knowledge from the Summary tab

    Depending on your business niche and project, the notification system might not suffice.

    Notifications are great when it comes to reacting quickly, but you need to take a deeper look at the analytics part of your project.

    In Brand24 we developed a special tab, called Summary tab.

    You can glance at the Summary tab of your media monitoring project and get a general idea on the state of your project.

    print screen from a Summary tab which you can examine daily to see the results of your media monitoring project

    One of the most useful features of the Summary tab is the ability to compare two different time frames.

    You can spot any seasonal changes, assess the effects of a marketing or a PR campaign, and get a general view how your company is doing online.

    That’s especially helpful if you’re more visual person and need to see a graph.

    In the Summary tab, you’ll also find a list of most active sites and most active public profiles.

    The list of the most active sites is an indicator on where your audience is present.

    The second metric, list of the most active public profiles, can help you determine which influential profiles are talking about your brand, product, or service.

    What I find particularly useful is the change in the number of results, shares, likes shown as a percentage. I can immediately asses the difference, even on a day-to-day basis.

    6. Infographic

    Do you need to visualise the results of your media monitoring project?

    That’s easy as there is always an infographic.

    An infographic is a visual representation of the data gathered in the Mentions tab.

    You can determine the daily results of the your media monitoring project.

    infographic you can examine during your daily media monitoring activities

    What’s even better is that you can show the results to your coworkers. The layout makes it easy to spot all the important metrics, for example:

    • most active sites
    • changes in the number of mentions
    • changes in sentiment
    • most active categories (web, social media, etc.)
    • the most influential public profiles

    7. Analysis tab

    If you need more detailed information daily, the Analysis tab should be your source of choice.

    The main difference between the Summary and Analysis tab is the scope of information.

    The Analysis tab provides more analytical view of the collected mentions.

    You find a thorough analysis of the mentions, including data such as:

    • the total number of results
    • results from social media sites
    • estimated social media reach
    • the total number and type of social media interactions (likes, shares, and comments)
    • the number of positive and negative mentions

    Further on, you’ll find the mentions divided by category.

    Analysis tab in a media monitoring tool which you can use in your daily media monitoring activities

    The next thing on the menu is something completely different.

    It’s a list of trending hashtags you can use to boost your social media reach.

    Trending hashtags are hashtags used in the same context as the keyword of your project. It will help you discover social media content similar to yours, which can help you shape your marketing strategy.

    In the Analysis tab, you’ll also find a list of top public profiles accompanied by the share of voice metric. The share of voice indicates what part of the whole discussion was ignited by a given social media account.

    8. Compare your results to your competitors

    And last, but certainly not the least, of our daily media monitoring tool tips!

    If the main goal of your media monitoring activities is to monitor your competitors, we got you covered.

    You can compare the results of two or more projects side by side and spot any difference you can use to your benefit.

    comparison of two projects you can use in your daily media monitoring activities

    To do that, all you have to do is click on the Comparison tab and choose the projects you wish to analyse.

    The tool will generate graphs showing the most important media monitoring metrics, such as:

    • the number of mentions
    • sources
    • sentiment

    Daily media monitoring made easy

    As you can see, daily media monitoring is neither complicated nor time consuming process.

    It seems overwhelming, but implementing the daily media monitoring tips will help you succeed.

    Media monitoring tools developed many different approaches to data visualisation and notifications. You can choose the best way to manage your media monitoring projects daily.


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