Best Brand Safety Tools: All You Need in 2024

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According to MarketingWeek, 75% of executives say they’ve seen brands advertising alongside unsavory or objectionable content, and most of them suggest this may damage a brand’s reputation. So, how can you protect your business from this kind of fail? Brand safety tools are the answer.

Brand safety tools are software designed to protect a brand’s reputation online. They ensure that the brand’s advertisements and content do not appear in inappropriate or harmful contexts, safeguarding the brand from being associated with offensive, misleading, or damaging material. By monitoring and controlling where and how a brand is represented, these tools help maintain a positive and trustworthy image for the brand.

The best way to understand brand safety is to look at the picture below.

While memes are a big hit in modern digital advertising, misusing them can really rub your audience the wrong way.

Nobody wants their company to be the next online joke, that’s for sure.

It might seem like a rare slip-up, but trust me, this happens more often than you’d think, especially online, where there’s so much content and advertising flying around.

So, how do you keep your ad campaign from becoming a punchline?

Brand safety tools are the way to go.

Top Brand Safety Solutions:

  1. Brand24 for online reputation monitoring
  2. Zefr for digital advertising placement
  3. Corsearch for originality protection

01 Brand24 for online reputation monitoring

Save your campaigns from becoming the meme of the year!

Brand24 is a media monitoring and brand safety tool.

How does it work?

You provide relevant keywords like your brand and product name and start a media monitoring project.

From now on, the tool will search the web and social media for every instance of your keyword.

Here’s an exemplary project for Ryanair.

Protect your reputation from becoming a meme!

As you can see, every mention has its sentiment assigned. This allows you to monitor sentiment fluctuations and react in case of increasing negativity.

Let’s take a closer look at the Mentions & Reach chart. 

What are those exclamation marks on it?

This is the Anomaly Detector – our unique feature that you won’t find in other brand safety tools.

It not only indicates sudden peaks in your volume of mentions and reach but also explains these anomalies. 

It analyzes your mentions from a particular day to find the decisive factor that threatens your brand safety.

This is a very straightforward feature. With just one click, you can determine if the increased buzz around your brand is a win or a fail.

Another feature that gives you immediate information about your brand safety state is the Reputation Score.

Based on your positive and negative mentions, it assesses your overall repute online.

Protect your brand safety with Brand24!

So, let’s say you discover that your brand safety is at risk. What steps should you take next?

  1. Find the reason.
  2. Implement an online reputation repair strategy.

For the former, go to the Metrics Analysis tab.

Here, you’ll find a handy summary of your performance and insights into your audience’s emotions.

As you can see, Ryanair users express their disgust on Twitter. This situation requires a closer examination as it generates a severe brand safety threat.

That could be an ad placements issue, malicious competitor behavior, or something completely different.

One is for sure – the company needs to check on this situation to ensure brand safety.

Keep your brand safe with Brand24!

Apropos of competitors, checking on their activity is always a good idea. Just to make sure they don’t plot against you.

Not everybody plays by the rules.

Check the trending links and most active sites to make sure your competitors are not among them spreading black PR content.

If you have any more questions, go to our AI Brand Assistant. He knows everything about your media monitoring project data and brand safety and is always there to help.

Key features:

  • Mentions monitoring: listen to online conversations about your brand
  • Sentiment Analysis
  • Anomaly Detection
  • AI-powered Metrics Analysis
  • Emotion Analysis
  • Most active sites and trending links detection
  • AI Brand Assistant

Try the best brand safety tool!

02 Zefr for digital advertising placement

Zefr is one of the brand safety tools specialized in video advertising on YouTube and Facebook. 

It ensures the brand suitability of the platform content that your advertising is displayed with. 

It is one of the few brand safety tools leveraging human-in-the-loop technology, combining AI and human intelligence. This ensures constant improvement with human precision and evaluation.

Using big learning data sets, Zefr can choose next to which organic content your brand ads display will work best. 

It’s a better approach than basing it on single keywords and semantics, as it includes context analysis. This ensures that your ads are displayed in the best possible light.

Key features:

  • Video ad placements for YouTube and Facebook

Monitor online conversations with Brand24!

03 Corsearch for originality protection

Corsearch is a brand safety tool protecting your brand from infringements. 

It detects fake advertisers and publishers trying to sell counterfeits of your product on their platform.

By swiftly scanning the internet, Corsearch can detect fraud attempts and emerging risks for your company.

It’s one of the best solutions for protecting your brand safety from malicious actors.

Key features:

  • Trademark theft protection
  • Fake social media accounts and websites detection
  • Protection from malicious actors


Brand24, Zefr, and Corsearch are a set of brand safety tools that will holistically manage your digital channels in 2024.

Control your online presence with Brand24. Track key metrics, monitor mentions, and respond proactively when ads or campaigns underperform.

Boost your digital advertising efforts with Zefr. Ensure your brand ads are placed in the most suitable and effective contexts.

Protect your brand with Corsearch. Prevent brand violations, impersonation, and counterfeit ads to maintain your brand’s integrity.

Stay safe and monitor your brand online!

Final thoughts:

  • In today’s digitally oriented world, brand safety tools are a must-have for every company. Monitor your online repute to make sure that your fantastic advertising campaign does not become the meme of the year.
  • Use Brand24 to inform you about any brand safety risks. The tool not only monitors your mentions but also notifies you when their sentiment drops suddenly. This way, you can react swiftly and mitigate risk before it escalates.
  • Brand24, Zefr, Corsearch – with these 3 brand safety tools, your company will be in the right hands in 2024.

Keep your brand safe with Brand24!

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