CASE STUDY: How a Research and Cultural Institution Uses Web Monitoring

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Among many other businesses, web and social media monitoring can also work well for research and cultural institutions. One of them is Center Mill of Knowledge.

Founded in 2013, Center Mill of Knowledge is on the mission to spread knowledge with the help of interactive solutions. As a visitor, you can personally conduct experiments and participate in numerous workshops. One of the highlights is Foucault’s Pendulum which shows how Earth circulates around its axis.

Here’s how Center Mill of Knowledge of Knowledge uses Brand24.

Reputation Monitoring

People use social media to talk about their experiences in all areas of life. It also includes interactions with brands, products or services.

Visitors of Center Mill of Knowledge often go online to share their excitement after visiting the place. Guys at the center use Brand24 to collect these opinions and monitor their reputation online.

This is how they analyze if the public enjoys and appreciates what the center offers. With Brand24 they can easily collect these mentions in one place, see who and how talks about the center.

The majority of mentions is positive which means that visitors are satisfied with their experience. Marcin Centkowski from the center says that being aware of visitors’ expectations, the center can adjust to meet the visitor’s expectations.


In Brand24, one can see sources of each and every mention, including social media, websites, blogs, discussion forums and other publicly available places online. It indicates where they should concentrate their marketing efforts to become talked about more.

Some sources of conversations come as a surprise. In the case of the center, the majority of conversations comes form blogs about museums and forums for mothers looking for ideas to spend time with their children. Majority of mentions are reviews and recommendations from mothers describing their visits.

Influencer Marketing

Web and social media monitoring allows not only detecting relevant conversations but also replying to them and building customer relationships. Center Mill of Knowledge uses Brand24 to respond to customers talking about them online. It identifies such mentions and reaches out with you message.

What’s more, the center uses Brand24 to identify the most influential and active authors talking about the center. Then, they invite them to special events at the center, for example, exhibitions for VIPs or they allow free movement around the place and access to restricted areas.

One of such influencers is Adam Binczak who’s in charge of Wyspa Kultury. He frequently emphasizes the fact that Center Mill of Knowledge is one of the fastest-growing museum of popular science in Kuyavia-Pomerania province.

Brand24 can identify all these conversations.

Industry Monitoring

Social media monitoring can be also used to monitor competition. By having a closer look at competitor’s activities, one can see what does and doesn’t work for them. The center monitors mostly keywords strictly connected to them but there’s a little room for keywords related to similar institutions.

This is how the center knows what the opinions about other institutions are.

Event Monitoring

Web and social media monitoring works great in event and campaign monitoring, for example SPiN Day. It’s a nation-wide event that includes workshops, conferences and events connected to science. Center Mill of Knowledge both participates in it and monitors all online conversations about it. On the basis of social media monitoring, the center each year creates a report for the coordinators of SPiN Day.


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