CASE STUDY: How Travel Influencers Track The Performance of Hashtag Campaigns

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NordicTB Collective is a group of 35 professional travel bloggers and influencers who create marketing campaigns for brands and companies. Some of their services include:

  • Creating marketing campaigns.
  • Creating editorial content.
  • Social media campaigns.
  • Providing photo and video content.

It’s basically a group of bloggers, storytellers and travel influencers who craft and share stories for all sorts of campaigns.

For their projects, NordicTB runs numerous hashtag campaigns which they monitor using social media monitoring. Some of the campaigns they worked on:

  • #SantaLineXmasTrip – in cooperation with Stena Line.
  • #UNESCOHamburg – in cooperation with Hamburg Marketing and Hamburg Tourism.
  • #WurstAdventure – in cooperation with German National Tourism Board.
  • #TravelHousePorvoo – in cooperation with the city of Porvoo, Finland.

Using Brand24, NordicTB monitors the performance of their campaigns in terms of social media reach, number of mentions and interactions.


One of their campaigns was launched in collaboration with Latvia Tourism. The goal was to promote Latvia by exploring it and sharing stories from the trip in social media. The campaign included 3 travelers who shared their experiences in their social channels channels.

Each piece of content from the travel was hashtagged using #LatviaRoadtrip.

Here’s a video created by one of the influencers:

The campaign generated 778 social media mentions which generated social media reach of 779 253 users.

These 778 mentions generated 29 020 social media interactions: likes, shares and comments.



NordicTB tracks the number of mentions, engagement and estimated social media reach of posts. Each hashtag campaign is closely monitored.

When a campaign is finished, NordicTB generates reports that are then sent to customers. In this case, they worked for Latvia Tourism.

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