How to Search Hashtags by Date?

Kuba Rogalski
October 31, 2018 ・ 6 min read

Hashtags have been around for over a decade. Ever since they were introduced to the masses by Chris Messina, they have become inseparable from social media.

We use them to describe the content we post on the web, whether these are photos on Instagram, Twitter threads, or Facebook status updates. Hashtags are everywhere (well, they are definitely less prominent on Facebook than they are on the other two platforms).

Hell, even rappers decided to include them in their lyrics at some point a few years ago!

Social media without hashtags would be a huge mess. I mean, how would you quickly learn about conversations in particular topics if it wasn’t for them?

To be honest, I wouldn’t have known about some of my favorite photographers if it wasn’t for the popular hashtags used on Instagram.

But, with great power comes great responsibility.

Tracking hashtag performance is one of the challenges social media marketers face. Choosing the right hashtags determine who and where will see your content in their search results. What specific hashtags should you use to gain new followers and boost your Instagram, Twitter or Facebook presence?

The more you know about your social media presence, the better decisions you can make. One of the filters you can use is to search Instagram hashtags by date (and, if you choose a third-party apps, hashtags on other social media platforms as well).

Whether you want to track popular hashtags or just one specific hashtag by date, we got you covered!

How do I search hashtags by date, then?

You can search hashtags by date natively on social media, here’s what it looks like on Twitter:

An example of the latest tweets for #socialmediamarketing

and Instagram photos:

An example of recent Instagram posts for #socialmediamarketing

Whether it’s called Latest or Recent, the two platforms that use hashtags on the largest scale allow browsing content based on its date of publishing. Doesn’t it feel a little bit chaotic, though?

Many people don’t know how to use hashtags properly and stick as many of them as possible for a chance to get noticed, which very often has the opposite effect.

In case you wanted to track hashtags by date for your social media marketing efforts or simply to have things more in order, you might want to learn how to do so using a media monitoring tool.

It all starts with creating a free trial account. Once you’re done with that step, it’s all about setting up your first project. Nothing simpler than just chucking a few hashtags in the project creation form!

Track Instagram hashtags by date!
Start your free trial!

After you’ve clicked Next, the tool will start collecting mentions of your hashtag(s). The collects automatically mentions from all sources but Instagram and Facebook. That’s because official Facebook authorisation requires a few additional clicks.

Brand24 offers robust notifications options and iOS and Android app. You can get real-time notifications about every hashtag and Instagram post you want to know about.

To get your hashtags from Instagram, you should go to Mentions tab and click Activate under Instagram.

an example of dashboard where you can search for instagram posts by date

You might as well choose More Settings in order to take control of some additional options such as languages you want to pick the results from, or the frequency of email notifications about the hottest mentions of your hashtags.

You click Save and the tool starts collecting and loading mentions into your dashboard. It’s not just about tracking those hashtags and aggregating them. It’s the analytics behind them that makes collecting those mentions truly interesting.

A screenshot of social media engagement inside Brand24 dashboard

You want to know what’s the total number of mentions of your hashtags in a given date range? Or maybe you want to know what’s the estimated social media reach a.k.a. Impressions? It’s all there! On top of that, you get to see the number of interactions such as likes, shares, and comments.

Still, what matters the most to you, guys, who are reading this post, is the ability to search hashtags by date. It can be done with the latest, tiny, but crucial addition to the dashboard located just below the graph:

A filter that helps search hashtags by date

It helps you display mentions in chronological order, beginning from the latest ones on top. You can easily switch to the popular mentions first if you ever feel like that’s the order you want to browse.

I am not sure how important it’s for you but just wanted to mention our tool won’t let you track back in time as historical data is limited. This pretty much means you’ll be able to search hashtags by date, but from the moment of creating a monitoring project onwards.

Each mention has the exact time and date assigned to it:

An example of the time and date of a post on Instagram

Using media monitoring tool, you can track hashtag performance of specific hashtag on Instagram and other social media platforms.

On top of that, you can also see what’s the sentiment of a given mention, as well as what’s the influencer score of the author of the comment containing your hashtag.

Use Brand24 to track popular hashtags across social media!

Find social media influencers based on the latest mentions of your hashtags

You can use the tool and mentions of your recent hashtags to determine who are the social media influencers in their respective fields, just in case you wanted to start an influencer marketing campaign at some point.

We’ve already created a comprehensive guide on how to find Twitter influencers and you could apply all those principles to other platforms too.

Brand24 automatically analyses who and where is talking about your product, service, or business niche.

In the Analysis tab, you will find a list of all public profiles talking about your specific industry niche.

search instagram hashtags by date

Take advantage of trending hashtags

You might come to a point where you’ll be curious about other hashtags somehow related to your business or industry. Maybe there’s a brand new hashtag that’s been picking up steam recently and you somehow missed it? Trending hashtags will help you keep tabs on those in a way related to the ones you keep track of, that have been recently rising in popularity.

This video shares some good tips on how to find the best hashtags for Instagram to grow your Instagram account:

Here’s what trending hashtags look like in relation to #socialmediamarketing:

A list of trending hashtags inside Brand24 dashboard

Using the best hashtags you can on your Instagram and Twitter account is vital for growing your online presence. Adding trending hashtag to your Instagram posts, will make sure that you reach the right audience at the right time.

Of course, you can narrow down the list and focus on Instagram hashtags. That way, you will find people who will promote your brand.

Set up Brand24 and find trending hashtags.

Sentiment analysis

Sentiment analysis should the cherry on the top of your hashtag performance audit.

While you search for Instagram hashtags by date, take a look at the sentiment around the Instagram photos. The sentiment will tell you how your audience feels about your product.

Over to you

Even though you can search hashtags by date via native social media apps or their websites, they very often lack the analytics that can often tell you much more than just seeing a mention of a given hashtag.

Why not take your social media management and social media marketing a step further? Start tracking them today for free and see if that’s the way to search hashtags by date you’ve always thought about but never knew was possible.