How to Track Social Media Analytics Using Brand24: Analysis Tab

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Web and social media monitoring tools like Brand24 collect all online mentions of any keywords, therefore you can monitor any given topic.

Using Brand24, you can see how your brand performs in social media, track your competitors, or monitor the social media performance of your marketing actions. Brand24 offers not only collecting online mentions of predefined keywords, but also tracking social media analytics. Today I’ll take you on a trip around the Analysis tab inside Brand24 – you’ll learn how to track social media analytics in Brand24 provides.

Social Media Data Analysis in Brand24

Brand24 analyzes a couple of social media metrics you can work on – on their basis you assess and interpret the results of your marketing actions. Data inside the panel can help you with:

  • Competition monitoring
  • Analyses of marketing campaigns
  • Identifying influencers and brand ambassadors
  • Identifying the main channels of communication – yours and your competitor’s

Collected and analyzed social media data is particularly important in planning future actions, such as, implementing new communication, or launching a marketing campaign. Knowing what your competitors are up to is here crucial, too.

There are 4 places inside Brand24 where social media and analytics cross their paths.

Analysis Tab = Heart of Your Project

Analysis tab can be found at left-hand side of the panel. There you have it:

An image showing where the Analysis tab inside Brand24 is located

The tab stores data about your project, including:

  • The most popular mentions – it’s the number of web and social media mentions that generated the biggest engagement (likes, shares and comments) on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram
  • The most popular authors – it’s the list of social media authors whose posts and profiles generate the highest social media reach
  • Metrics table – it’s all about numbers connected to your social media performance
  • Mentions by category – a chart presenting all channels generating mentions of your keywords
  • Influence of social media authors – it’s a list of social media authors whose posts generate the highest social media reach and the highest voice of share
  • Most active social media authors – it’s a list of social media authors who most actively mention your monitored keywordsCon
  • The most active sites – it’s a list of websites which most often mention your keywords
  • The most influential sites – it’s a list of websites that mention your keywords and generate the highest number of views
  • Most active locations – it’s a list of 20 countries that mention your keywords most often
  • Context of a discussion – it shows words that most frequently appear in connection with your monitored project

Let’s now have a closer look at them.

Most Popular Mentions

Here you can see mentions that generated the biggest engagement. It’s a valuable proof that a piece of content resonates with your audience – doesn’t matter if it’s positive, or negative engagement – it moves the needle which tells you something.

Usually, big engagement is generated by experts and influencers who gather vast communities of involved followers. Your marketing efforts should include cooperation with industry experts and influencers – leverage their authority, social media reach and audience.

Most Popular Mentions tab is available for Professional Premium plan.

Most Popular Mentions inside the Analysis tab in Brand24

Pro tip: To find influencers with the most engaged audience relevant to your business, have a look at the most popular mentions.

Most Popular Authors

This list contains social media authors who generate the highest social media reach. The most popular authors are described by two metrics:

  • Influence – it’s an original algorithm based on the combined number of social media reach, followers or / and friends a social media author has on a particular social media platform.
  • Reach – this metric describes a social media reach an author generates. It’s based on the number of followers, friends and the visibility percentage.
Most Popular Authors inside Brand24 social media analytics tool

Metrics Table

Here you can find number, numbers and even more numbers about your social media analysis.

Metrics Table inside Brand24 web and social media analytics software

Which ones are most important?

It’s completely up to you and goals you set but there’s a couple metrics you should particularly keep an eye on:

  • Estimated social media reach – it depicts the overall social media reach all social media conversations about your monitored keywords generated over a specific period of time.
  • Social media interactions – this metric shows what engagement social media conversations about your keywords generate.

Apart from those, you’ll find there following metrics:

  • Positive mentions – the number of mentions expressing positive message.
  • Negative mentions – the number of mentions expressing negative message.
  • Social media likes, shares and comments – a more detailed breakdown of social media interactions.
  • Results, results from social media, results beyond social media, results from Facebook, results from blogs – guess what they are.

Pro tip: Keep an eye on social media reach. If increased, it’s likely that an influential social media author or profile mentioned keywords you monitor. If that happens, discover who caused the spike and make some lemonade.

Mentions by Category

Have you ever wondered in which channels people talk about your topic the most? Social media analytics in Brand24 lets you discover platforms where conversations about your topic take place. The share of voice is depicted by a chart.

Mentions by Category inside Brand24 social media data analysis tool

Influence of Social Media Authors

Thanks to this list you can discover thought leaders, experts and influencers. You you clearly see how big of an input they have into the topic you monitor. Moreover, there are two metrics that illustrate their involvement into the conversation:

  • Voice od share – a metric showing the percentage share of an author’s involvement in the topic – keywords you monitor.
  • Influence – a metric illustrating authors with the highest social media reach within your monitored topic.
Influence of Social Media Authors in Brand24 social media insights tool

Pro tip: Take notice of sources where these conversations appear as they might indicate where you should direct your marketing efforts.

Most Active Social Media Authors

Trying to figure out who most often mentions your keywords? Most active social media authors list is here for you – browse it to see who generates the biggest amount of mentions. Again, there are two metrics:

  • Reach – the number of friends and followers a social media author has. You’ll also You’ll also find it in the Most popular authors module.
  • Mentions – the number of mentions a social media author generated in a given period of time.
Most Active Social Media Authors inside Brand24 social media monitoring tool

Pro tip: With the above features identifying brand ambassadors or influencers for cooperation is super easy. Based on numbers, you clearly see who participates, discusses and engages the topic you monitor the most. Learn more about who are micro influencers and how to find them for your business.

Most Active Sites

If you’re looking for sites that most often talk about your topic Most active sites module is the right place to visit. Brand24 lists in there websites and social media platforms according to the number of mentions they generate.

Most Active Sites inside Brand24 social media reporting tool

Pro tip: This feature can indicates sites you should target ad campaign on, reach out to place your ads there, or acquire backlinks for the sake of your SEO.

Most Influential Sites

This module lists the most influential websites that mention your topic. Their influence in this case is based on the number of visits. There are two metrics in there:

  • Influencer score – an original Brand24 algorithm that classifies sources according to social media reach, popularity, activity and engagement a source generates.
  • Visits – it’s an estimation of monthly visits a website gets.
Most Influential Sites inside Brand24 media monitoring and analytics tool

Pro tip: Most Influential Sites might indicate, for example, sudden spikes in direct traffic on your website. Influential sites have many views and if any of them mentions your, let’s say, company name in an article, interested readers might go to your website.

Most Active Locations

This feature collects geographic information about where the mentions of your topic come from. Inside the Analysis tab, you can discover top 20 locations where sources mention your monitored keywords.

Most Active Locations in Brand24 social media monitoring tool

Pro tip: Mentions by country might be useful for geo-targeted social selling, the analysis of how your competitors perform on foreign markets, or the analysis how a marketing campaign performs in a particular countries.

Context of a Discussion

The context of a discussion is a cloud of words that most frequently appear next to your monitored keywords. Every single word in there is clickable and takes you to mentions containing both your monitored keywords and the word from the cloud.

Context of Discussion in Brand24 social media analytics tool

Pro tip: This feature is a solid source of business intelligence. For example, it may show which one of your products is the most hotly debated one, it may signal new customer needs, or pain points.

Best Practices

  1. First of all, remember that social media monitoring tools like Brand24 collect little historical data – it means that if you create an account today, you won’t be able to get complete data for the past.
  2. Remember to analyze your projects in specific periods of time, for example, before and after a marketing campaign you launched recently.
  3. Embrace reporting. Brand24 offers a couple of ways to present and export data from your projects: PDF reports, infographic and .xls file export.

Here’s a short video tutorial summing up the gist of the Analysis tab.

Over to You

Brand24 is a social data analytics tool – it lets you discover dots you then need to connect and turn into business intelligence and actions. Please, let me know if you have any questions about the analysis tab and using the data!

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