Pizza Giveaway Based on Social Listening

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pizza giveaway

Social Media Monitoring can serve you as a perfect base for innovative marketing campaign. Think outside the box and come up with PR stunt that will improve your image, increase engagement and stay in mind for long.

Many companies have their customer service to their credit and one of them is Da Grasso, pizza restaurants chain, which managed to increase social media buzz by 135% within a few hours.

Pizza Giveaway with Social Listening

It is one of our favorite campaigns that have been conducted with social listening by Brand24. Together with hyperCREW, we introduced and carried out a special social media publicity stunt that involved free pizza giveaways. Sounds cool, right?

Using the social listening tool we tracked all the mentions on Facebook in order to find people who fancied a pizza or something to eat in general. After obtaining the address (usually from a friend or basing on a workplace), Da Grasso Patrol team delivered a hot pizza to the author of the post.

Going an extra mile for your customers pays off and Da Grasso Pizza Restraurants chain proved that with their one-day social media campaign.



  • Basing on data from the social media monitoring tool, we were looking for people from the specific city (e.g. Warsaw) who had posted on their Facebook profiles that fancied pizza.
  • We carefully picked those who were aware and advanced users of social media.
  • We obtained the location of certain person via friends or a workplace.
  • In several dozen minutes or a few hours after the post on Facebook, „Da Grasso Patrol” appeared by the door with desired meal and some extra gadgets.

Pizza Giveaway

In practice, we were waiting on the alert for the new posts on Facebook, potentially useful in our stunt. When a user informed that is hungry and we managed to get this person’s address, we immediately reported the pizza place, where the food was then prepared. In the meantime, we set off quickly, met by Da Grasso and then rushed to a place, where pizza should be delivered.

I am telling you, pizza delivery is a hard work.


  • 252 pizzas given away
  • 60 000 people came across the „Da Grasso Patrol” action on Facebook*
  • 135% increase of an online discussion about Da Grasso
  • 95% opinions about the stunt were positive
  • General increase of online discussion about pizza – 12%
  • Number of interactions with Da Grasso Facebook page has increase 25%
  • During this action we published pictures, which spread in Web virally. Our case study met with most popular bloggers and vloggers approval.

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