Getting Social Listening Insights with Brand24

Published: 11-04-2014 by

Brand24 enables you to have an accurate insight into reactions across the social media to current events and affairs in a real time. This means that you can measure the total number of mentions and its changes, study contents and the sentiment of opinions, identify sources and authors that create buzz about the brand or specific event.

We have prepared plenty of reports which can help stakeholders with a greater understanding of people’s reactions in social media. Those reports are based on the analyses of data gathered from the Internet monitoring and concerns distinct events, announcement, brands etc., which influenced on the social media buzz.


Increase Customer Engagement Online

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Social media is becoming an even more important element in marketing communication and interaction between brands and consumers nowadays. However, they are substantially different from the other, traditional media and require a distinct approach to the customer. Social media users are also evolving and getting more demanding in the age of massive information.

Their ability to speak their mind at any time and any place in the Web creates a great opportunity for enterprises to interact with them and gain their engagement – crucial element in improving their brand image.