Top 5 Telegram Analytics Tools for 2024

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Did you know there are over 900 million monthly active users on Telegram in 2024? That’s a massive crowd and a perfect audience for your brand to connect with! But how do you know if your messages are hitting the mark? Enter Telegram analytics tools, your new best friends in the world of data-driven engagement. 

Telegram Analytics Tools are software designed to collect, measure, and analyze data from Telegram channels and groups. These tools provide insights into member growth, engagement rates, message activity, and audience demographics. They help channel administrators and marketers understand their audience, track the performance of their content, and optimize communication strategies on the platform.

Telegram is a buzzing social media hub where you can chat with friends and family and engage in discussions on public channels. 

Want to keep tabs on those public channels and profiles? 

There are media monitoring tools for that! 

While you can’t peek into private messages (because, hey, that’s illegal), you can still get a treasure trove of insights. Think chat statistics, channel analytics, and a whole lot more.

Ready to explore the top tools for this job? 

Let’s dive into the rundown of the best Telegram analytics tools!

Telegram analytics tools

  1. Brand24
  2. TGStat
  3. LiveDune
  4. Popsters
  5. TeleMe

01 Brand24

Free 14-day trial.

Brand24 is a media monitoring tool that supports Telegram analysis. 

It lets you track any chosen keyword across Telegram channels and check detailed Telegram statistics.

You start by choosing a keyword. This can be your company, product, or niche name. 

Let’s go for Starbucks, for example.

When you start a media monitoring project, the tool will detect all the instances of the word “Starbucks” being used across different sources.

You can use the right-hand side filtering menu to limit the results to Telegram.

Now, you can browse through various Telegram posts mentioning Starbucks.

Brand24 monitors all publicly available Telegram channels. You can manually add more channels in the Project settings’ Additional Sources tab.

There’s no limit to the number of channels you can add to your monitoring list. 

Monitor different channels on Telegram with Brand24!

Importantly, Brand24 offers monitoring in several languages so you can conduct Telegram analysis for various countries.

But tracking mentions is not the end.

Brand24 also analyzes your Telegram channel statistics.

Go to the Analysis Tab to learn the following information about your Telegram performance:

  • The volume of mentions
  • Telegram reach
  • User-generated content
  • Number of positive vs. negative mentions
  • AVE

The Topic Analysis tab contains insights into trending topics your audience discusses in the context of your brand.

Use the upper-corner left-hand filtering option to check a particular period and source.

Next, in the Sources Tab, you can check the most prominent mention sources for your keyword. This will inform you about how well your Telegram channel is performing compared to other platforms.

Monitor Telegram and other social media with Brand24!

You can also compare your Telegram channel analytics data with those of your competitors or with your own results from a different period.

For the former, you need a competitor’s Telegram monitoring project.

Let’s say Costa Coffee for Starbucks. Go to the Comparison Tab and remember to set the domain filter to

There’s also the period comparison feature that allows you to track your results in time.

It’s particularly useful when you start a new campaign and want to check how it impacted your results.

And here’s the cherry on top of that: AI Brand Assistant

Ask him anything about your project:

  • The overall Telegram performance
  • Reach last month
  • Top Telegram influencers
  • Trending topics
  • Online reputation repair after a PR crisis… and many more!

He knows it all. Let him browse through your project results, and he’ll provide the right answer in seconds.

The AI Brand Assistant streamlines your Telegram analysis and ensures you get the most out of Brand24 from day one.

No need to spend time learning the dashboard—just ask a question, and our AI Assistant will instantly provide you with your results.

Monitor Telegram with Brand24!

Key features:

  • Telegram mentions monitoring: Don’t miss any single Telegram comment about your brand.
  • Metrics Analysis: Learn detailed analytics about your Telegram mentions.
  • Period comparison: Compare your total statistics with the previous period.
  • Competitor analysis: Check how other brands perform on Telegram channels.
  • Topic Analysis: Discover trending topics around your brand on Telegram channels.
  • AI Brand Assistant: Ask him anything about your Telegram performance. He knows it all.

02 TGStat

TGStat consists of two different products. There is a completely free database of the most popular Telegram channels statistics and an option to monitor your individual Telegram channel analytics.

The latter service is available only for a few countries, including Russia, Ukraine, China, India, and a few others. 

Besides the general statistics, you can also check the numbers for a particular channel. These include the number of subscribers, citation index, engagement rate, and several other parameters.

If your country is not covered, you can check the global rating of channels. Detailed chat statistics are available for every publicly available chat.

Last but not least, you can also conduct your own Telegram channel analysis. However, you need a paid subscription for this.

With this plan, you can view chat statistics, including:

  • Subscribers’ growth rate and dynamics
  • Reach
  • Channel citation index
  • Subscribers’ general statistics
  • Number of views per post
  • Advertising reach and efficiency

Plus, the tool analyzes members’ activity, indicating the best posting time for your target audience.

Key features:

  • Popular Telegram channel database
  • Individual channel analytics
  • Online mentions monitoring
  • Active members insights

03 LiveDune

LiveDune offers a holistic toolkit that includes a channel analyzer, Telegram users insights, competitor analysis, and Telegram marketing research. 

LiveDune offers chat statistics, including:

  • Follower dynamics
  • Engagement rate
  • Post statistics
  • Best posting time
  • Post optimization insights
  • Average post reach

Besides general performance insights, you can also check detailed stats for every single post.

What makes LiveDune special is its AI Assistant and teamwork support. These two features ensure improved channel development and ease of use.

You can also easily generate reports from your collected statistics.

Key features:

  • Channel and chat analyzer
  • Active users insights
  • Competitor Analysis
  • Marketing research support
  • Post optimization insights
  • Post scheduling
  • Teamwork support
  • AI Assistant

04 Popsters

Popsters is a social media analytics tool supporting Telegram channel analytics. 

It provides insights into:

  • Number of subscribers
  • Average number of views, likes, and comments
  • Hashtags

What’s unique about Popsters is that it analyzes your post’s content and performance, giving you an opportunity for content optimization.

Popsters also supports Telegram competitor analysis.

Key features:

  • Telegram channel performance measurement
  • Post characteristics analysis and efficiency evaluation
  • Competitor Analysis

05 TeleMe

TeleMe is a group management tool for Telegram. It offers extensive analytics and reporting features to help you monitor your chat’s popularity.

With TeleMe, you can also manage channel members, improve team collaboration on Telegram, and implement anti-spam filters.

The tool offers various parameters and functions to help you manage your group:

  • Community growth rate
  • Users activity data
  • Historical trend reporting

With its Smart Responder & Automate Announcements, TeleMe is mainly addressed to channel owners.

Key features:

  • Group management
  • Analytics & Reporting
  • Team collaboration
  • Anti-spam filters
  • Real-time insights


When choosing a Telegram analytics tool, testing and comparing various options is wise. Take advantage of free trials to find the best fit for your needs before committing to a subscription.

You’ll find some basic parameters in several tools, but some of the important statistics and data will be unique.

Thanks to Telegram monitoring, you’ll gain critical insights about your target audience. This will help you create a strategy and plan advertising.

With tools like Brand24, you can analyze the sentiment of mentions, increase brand awareness, and prevent a PR crisis.

Make sure the tool you ultimately get provides you with all the statistics and parameters that are crucial for your specific niche on Telegram.

Don’t wait any longer! Start collecting data with Brand24.

Final thoughts:

  • Monitoring important metrics greatly simplifies your channel promotion and management. With a dedicated tool, you can stay ahead of the game.
  • Try Brand24 for valuable insights about your Telegram performance. Additionally, Brand24 monitors other social media platforms, giving you an excellent overview of your online visibility and performance.
  • Other interesting tools are Popsters for metrics tracking and TeleMe for your own channel management.

Monitor Telegram and other social media with Brand24!

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