How to Track Telegram Mentions? [2024]

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In just 30 days, Telegram mentions of the Apple brand reached over 120 million people! Clearly, Telegram is a powerful marketing channel that businesses can’t afford to ignore. However, even though 12% of humankind (800 million people!) log in to this platform each month, most businesses pretend this channel does not exist. What a waste!

Telegram mentions allow users to tag others in group chats and channels by typing “@” followed by the username. This feature aims to draw the specific user’s attention to important messages or discussions.

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What are Telegram mentions?

A Telegram mention occurs when a Telegram user talks about a person, brand, product, or service on a group chat or channel.

Technically, Telegram mentions work exactly the same way as mentions on other chat apps and social media platforms (e.g., Instagram mentions).

It’s as simple as typing “@” + username to create a hyperlinked and clickable mention. Once you click on it, you’ll be directly transferred to a private chat with the mentioned user.

Each user who gets mentioned on Telegram receives a notification about a mention.

Moreover, even if a user has muted the entire group chat, he’ll be notified if he is mentioned directly.

Important notice: You can only mention these Telegram users who have set up their usernames in the app’s settings. It’s not a default option!

Telegram mentions play a vital role for brands that treat this platform as one of their key communication channels.

Unfortunately, most of the brand mentions on Telegram remain untagged. What does it mean?

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Untagged mentions occur when a Telegram user uses your brand or profile name without making it interactive (e.g., without typing “@” before your username).

In such a scenario, no one is notified, and the mention goes unnoticed.

That could lead to unfavorable consequences, such as missing the opportunity to build customer relationships or overlooking the beginning of a brand reputation crisis.

Thankfully, there’s a method to discover untagged Telegram mentions!

Thanks to media monitoring tools, you can track both tagged and untagged Telegram mentions. We’ll discuss it further.

Thanks to tracking mentions on Telegram, you’ll gain:

  • More complete image of your brand awareness on the platform;
  • Chance to boost your customer engagement thanks to giving more personalized and timely responses to your audience;
  • A better understanding of your audience’s needs and the pains they face when interacting with your brand, product, or service;
  • Instant knowledge about any potential reputation crisis;
  • Insights on the most influential authors talking about you, giving you opportunities to bind valuable collaborations.

Track tagged & untagged Telegram mentions!

How to track Telegram mentions?

There are two ways to track Telegram mentions: manually or using a dedicated tool. Let’s discuss both options.

01 Manual tracking

Tracking Telegram mentions manually is possible.

All you need to do is regularly search relevant channels and group chats for your keywords and brand name.

Open the app, visit the group chat or channel, and type the keyword you’re interested in (i.e., Apple) in the search bar.

You’ll see all the mentions underlined.

The Telegram app does not offer analytics, so you get almost no data about your Telegram mentions. The most you can do is create an Excel spreadsheet and regularly insert the data from your own observations.

Also, you can’t set up notifications when someone mentions you in a message or conversation. If you mute the channel or group chat, you mute everything—all or nothing.

Tracking Telegram mentions this way is time-consuming and requires some effort. Therefore, I recommend doing it only on a tiny scale.

Never miss an important Telegram mention!

02 Using a social media monitoring tool

The second and most effective way to track and analyze Telegram mentions is using social media monitoring tools.

Let me show you the whole process in the example of Brand24.

Brand24 is an AI-powered tool that discovers, measures, and analyzes mentions across:

  • Social platforms (Telegram, Facebook, Instagram, X, LinkedIn, YouTube, TikTok, Reddit, and Twitch);
  • News sites, blogs, podcasts, video sites & other websites;
  • Review sites and newsletters.

So, Brand24 is a great solution to support your marketing and PR efforts in & beyond Telegram.

In practice, it’s totally up to you how you would define “mention”. It can be a brand name, a keyword, a hashtag, an industry, or any other word you’d like to track.

Just apply

As for Telegram monitoring, Brand24 allows you to track both public and private channels & chats.

The only thing you should do is manually add channels you’d like to monitor with Brand24 (public channels and chats are tracked automatically).

Adding channels is so easy that even your grandma would handle it!

Just go to your project settings, choose “Additional sources”, scroll down to “Telegram channels”, and paste the link to channels to follow (

In addition to regular social listening features, Brand24 offers some interesting AI-powered solutions.

My favorite one is the AI Anomaly Detector.

In short, the Anomaly Detector constantly watches your project and searches for unusual patterns (like a sudden increase in the volume of mentions on Telegram).

Once it detects the anomaly (that’s why Brand24 called in like that!), the feature crawls the web to find the most probable cause.

At the end, the Anomaly Detector presents its conclusion in one or two sentences.

It helps assess what caused the sudden spike in your brand visibility or identify potential risks to your brand reputation in a flash.

Become friends with benefits with Anomaly Detector!

Check what it looks like in practice!

DJI is a global brand that produces civil drones. The main cause behind the sudden spike in reach on June 8th was delivering oxygen and aiding in waste collection near Mount Everest.

Excellent PR performance, DJI!

Another great feature that will help you analyze your mentions on Telegram is “Compare Periods”.

It’s a kind of competitive analysis report that allows you to benchmark your current Telegram performance with the past. As for criteria, you can check your progress in the case of:

Knowing what works and what doesn’t helps you improve your strategies and achieve better results.

As you can see below, Apple’s Telegram presence is generally stable.

With such figures, slight changes are simply inevitable.

Benefits of tracking mentions using an advanced Telegram monitoring tool:

  • In one place, you can track all your mentions published on public and private Telegram channels;
  • You get detailed analytics, including sentiment analysis, your top channels, most influential authors, and so on;
  • You can track both tagged & untagged Telegram mentions;
  • You save a lot of time thanks to AI-powered features like AI Anomaly Detector.

Track Telegram mentions with Brand24! 


Disregarding Telegram is a huge mistake many brands make. Except excluding this marketing channel, you should check if it aligns with your strategy.

Primarily, you should track your Telegram mentions. They can serve in your favor, spreading positive information and boosting your overall reputation. 

Or, quite the opposite, start a serious brand crisis you’ll need to face.

Tracking Telegram mentions manually is possible, but it’s highly inefficient and recommended only to very small brands.

So, if you get hundreds or even thousands of Telegram mentions a month, you should seriously consider supporting your efforts with a professional tool for media monitoring.

Such software gathers and analyses all your brand mentions in one place and automatically gives you valuable data that manual Telegram analysis won’t provide.

Final thoughts:

  • Track both tagged and untagged Telegram mentions to gain a complete picture of your brand’s reach and sentiment;
  • Use social media monitoring tools like Brand24 because they offer AI-powered features that will streamline your analysis;
  • When considering the Telegram mentions tracking tool, choose the one that allows you to track public and private channels.

Want to treat your Telegram presence seriously? Try Brand24 for free and check your performance on that platform now!

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