The Ultimate Guide to Social Listening with Brand24 [2]

Natalia Chrzanowska
October 6, 2015 ・ 6 min read

Brand24 is a social listening and analytics tool that helps brands understand their audience, track online mentions and reach out to prospects and current customers. It gives you loads of different options and offers various features, so I am aware that it might be a bit difficult to take first steps with the tool.

This is why we created this guide which helps you get a better comprehension of all the functionalities the tool has to offer. We’ve already explained how to create your first project in which you can collect mentions about your brand or any other topic. We’ve also covered the features that are available in the tab Mentions. This entry will include more features explained exhaustively.

What Brand24 Has to Offer

pdf reports, infographics and spreadsheet

You have got your project created and you have browsed mentions and figured the filters out, so now it is time learn other things that can be analyzed with Brand24. Before we move on to the Analysis tab, though, I want to present some additional options that let you export your results do Spreadsheet, PDF report or create an Infographic. Availability of these features depends on the subscription plan you have.

You can create any of these three kinds of content by clicking on them on the left sidebar.

  1. pdf report configuration brand24PDF report – creates automated reports that contain the most important statistics and analyses from your dashboard (includes applied filters). You can add your own logotype and dedicated description. PDF reports are only available in the Professional Max subscription Plan.
  2. Data export – exports all data from you dashboard (includes applied filters) to spreadsheet. Available only in Professional Premium and Professional Max subscription Plans. Remember that it is possible to export up to 35K results at once.
  3. Infographic – creates a pretty visual representation of monitoring data. Infographics are available in all pricing plans.
infographic brand24

Analysis Tab

analysis tab brand24

Analysis Tab is the second most popular tab in the tool and it includes all the most important statistics about monitoring data in a concise form. It gives you an immediate access to key conclusions from online discussion about your brand and information about sources and authors. Data and statistics included in this section help you save time as you do not have to browse hundreds or thousands of mentions to draw any conclusions. Let’s walk through this tab.

1. Mentions from the most popular authors

This section gives you an additional value out of social listening. You can recognize the most influential authors that write about your brand. With this information you can distinguish potential brand ambassadors or influencers who can be interested in cooperation with your brand.

mentions from the most popular authors brand24

Each result in this section includes:

  • avatar,
  • author’s name,
  • domain & date when a particular mention was published,
  • influence score (authorial algorithm that indicates social media influence of a particular author against others, values from 1 to 10)
  • influence (estimated number of people that potentially came across a mention from this author),
  • reach (number of fans of a particular profile).

2. Social Media Statistics

analysis statistics brand24

On the right, you can see all the most important statistics about social media monitoring data. They include:

  • RESULTS – total number of online mentions that Brand24 collected in a specified period,
  • SOCIAL MEDIA RESULTS – number of mentions that come from social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.),
  • ESTIMATED SOCIAL MEDIA REACH – estimated number of people that come across all results from monitoring from a specified period,
  • POSITIVE MENTIONS – total number of positive mentions,
  • NEGATIVE MENTIONS – total number of negative mentions.

Remember that Brand24 automatically assigns sentiment to content, so it might not be 100% accurate. It cannot distinguish irony for instance. However, these statistics give you a general idea about how many results include emotions.

3. Sentiment of content – chart

division by sentiment brand24 analysis

Chart depicting ratio between positive and negative comments.

4. Category of mentions

Mentions by category brand24

Chart showing proportions of each source in the analysis.

5. Influence of social media authors

Influence of social media authors brand24

This list presents 10 most influential social media authors in a discussion in terms of the number of mentions they published and their estimated social media reach.

Share of Voice is a number that indicates what part of a discussion was created by a specific author. This figure is a combination of a number of mentions that an author created in a specified period and an estimated social media reach of this content.

Estimated influence, on the other hand, is an estimated number of users that might have come across content from a particular author related to the monitored brand.

6. Most active social media authors

Most active social media authors brand24

This table presents the most active social media authors – those who published the biggest number of mentions in a specified period.

Reach is a number of fans/followers of specific profile. The figure next to it (Mentions) indicates how many mentions an author created in a specified period.

7. Most active sites

Most active sites brand24

This is the lists of websites with the biggest number of mentions created about monitored brand in a specified period.

8. The most influential sites

The most influential sites brand24

This list presents the most influential sites – with the highest number of monthly visits.

The blue-green indicator shows an influence score of a particular website.

You can also block any author or site from any of the four lists described above if you decide it is not crucial to your brand. Just click on the small padlock by the name of an author/site and then confirm this action.

Sources Tab

Sources tab contains two lists: social media authors and sites. You can find here all webpages and users that mentioned your brand at least once in a specified period. On the top bar you can choose whether you want to browse authors or pages and specify period of search. You can also export the whole list to spreadsheet file.

It is possible to apply filters on these results (filters were described comprehensively in the other entry). For instance you can get the list of authors who mentioned a particular product or only those who have influence score greater than 7.

sources bar brand24

Each list includes a few statistics. In the case of authors the stats they are consecutively:

  • Site – platform on which an author is signed up,
  • Results – number of mentions an author created,
  • Reach – number of fans/followers of specific profile,
  • Voice of share – part of a discussion an author generated,
  • Influence – estimated number of users that might have come across an author’s comments related to the monitored brand,
  • Influencer score – authorial algorithm that indicates social media influence of a particular author against others,
  • Options – information about a profile and option to block an author.

In the case of pages, stats include:

  • Results – number of mentions that were collected from this page in a specified period,
  • Visits – monthly number of visits on this domain,
  • Influencer score – authorial algorithm that indicates influence of a particular site against others,
  • Options – information about a domain and option to block this domain.

In both lists you can sort your results by any variable you want.

Quotes Tab

This tab gives you an immediate access to sample positive and negative mentions. If do not have much time to browse all the mentions in your dashboard, you can take a look at this section. Sample results will give you an idea about general context of discussion. Top bar has an option to choose between positive and negative mentions and to pick a period you want to see mentions form.

quotes bar brand24

Comparison Tab

Last but not least. Comparison tab is a very valuable source for information for your company. If you monitor your competition along with your own brand you can compare basic statistics from social listening. You can add up to 5 projects altogether.

project comparison topbar brand24

What is more, you can apply filters to these projects, so you can compare results from only one source or one domain. If you produce different products under one brand you can also compare a particular product to your competitors by entering phrase filter. Filters were described thoroughly in the previous entry.

If you have more questions about Brand24, don’t hesitate to leave a comment!



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