How to Monitor Social Mentions

How to Monitor Social Media Mentions

Why and how to track social media mentions? Social mentions are much more than just a feed of online content mentioning your company, product, website, hashtag or whatnot. In e-commerce, tracking social media mentions is a door to a whole new world of useful data: customer insights, positive and negative feedback, suggestions of improvement, user generated content, potential brand ambassadors or influencers and more. Much more.

You can track social media mentions using numerous Web and social media monitoring tools. Buffer, one of the best and influential blogs out there, lists 20 social media monitoring tools worth checking. 

We, Brand24, also made it to the list. Thanks, Buffer!

In this blog post I’m not only going to discuss how to track social media mentions, but also:

How consumers use social media?

First of all, it’s important to understand the role social media play in consumers’ lives.

Ad spending in social media is to surpass ad spending in television.

Social media platforms evolved over the years and their role increased – from social networking sites designed to connect with family and friends over the Internet, they turned into a multibillion-dollar industry that’s still growing.

90% of consumers  reach out to brands in social media.

Sprout Social

These days, people use social media not only to connect, share holiday photos and memes, but also to consume content, sign up for events, watch videos, ask, recommend, discuss, sell, buy, and, what’s crucial here, interact with brands.

This research shows that consumers across all generations want and expect the same things from brands as they do of their friends and family — reliability , authenticity, and the feeling like the brands ‘get’ them and what’s important to them at this point in their lives.

Disney|ABC Television, Omnicom Media Group & Insight Strategy Group

As consumers spend in social media more and more time, companies of all sizes realize that they have to be there, too – it’s another market to get into, another way get a bit closer to the customer, it’s one big marketplace where consumers talk about companies, products and services.

And here we come to what a social media mention is.

What is a social media mention?

It’s pretty simple: a social mention happens when a social media user mentions a particular word.

In the context of e-commerce and online business, a social media mention happens when a social media user mentions a certain keyword connected to an online business: a company, brand, product, service, or hashtag name. Such a social media mention usually transmits information that can be extremely valuable for business performance.

Here’s an example of a social media mention found by our tool:

Web and social media monitoring tools like Brand24 not only track social media mentions, but also analyze them on numerous levels.

Apart from collecting social media mentions, sites and tools like Social Mention or Brand24 offer analytics to help you make some sense out of the performance of your social media mentions. It can, for example help you measure brand awareness.

Why would you monitor social media mentions?

First of all, simply to keep all data from your social media in one place – it’s convenient.

Secondly, social media mentions are a gold mine of information for your business – it’s literally business information that can pay you off. Discover and use it.

Here’s a taste of what you can extract from social media mentions:

  • Customer service: Tracking social media mentions of your company, product or service lets you find your customers seeking assistance in social media the moment they hit Publish.

  • Negative feedback: A bad news travels fast and it travels even faster in social media. Frustrated customers, trolls and haters at good at making a mountain out of a molehill – one negative review can start a snowball effect and cause a PR crisis. Do you remember United Airlines in 2017?

  • Customer feedback: Tracking social media mentions of your company, product or service name lets you discover customer who share their thoughts and discuss in social media. These opinions often reflect their satisfaction, pain points, or suggestions of improvement.

  • Customer engagement: With the ability to monitor social media mentions in real time, you get mentions the moment they appear online. It means you can immediately respond to people talking about your business and show that you’re there for them.

  • Sales: This is where social selling comes in – it’s a sales technique which uses social media to generate leads. Using this technique, sales people directly reach out to people asking for product recommendations in social media.

  • Influencer marketing: Tools tracking social mentions detect profiles and authors that most often mention talk about your business and product. This is how you discover people who believe and support what you do. Here’s more about who are micro influencers and how to find them.
  • Social media KPIs (key performance indicators): Apart from tracking mentions on Twitter or Tiktok, such tools offer social media analytics. You can use them to track, for example, volume of mentions, number of interactions, social media reach, or sentiment analysis.
  • Hashtag analytics: Brand24, for example, can count the number of tweets in mentions including your hashtags, count their social media reach and number of interactions. You can monitor hashtag performance of Twitter and Tiktok hashtags.

Is tracking social media mentions for you?

Tracking social mentions is for companies of all sizes. However, what makes a difference is the volume of social media buzz companies get.

A bigger company, say UBER, probably generates more buzz in social media than a smaller company.

This doesn’t mean tracking social media mentions is pointless. In the case of small companies, it’s particularly important to track what people say about them in social media in the early phase of business development – customer feedback at this stage is super valuable and can shape the business. As a start-up and young company it’s particularly important to make a good impression. 

At Brand24, we ask our dear customers why they monitor social mentions mentions. To keep track of what brought them to us, we have a Global Sales spreadsheet where we put what they want to do with Brand24. I wish I could show it to you but there’s other business information I can’t share. Anyway, here’s the thing:

They are launching their new product soon, and wanted to see how competition handles the marketing online.

They want to monitor tele-com brands in Korea, it’s their client’s wish.

Monitoring the performance of their campaigns

Investigating their market, measuring event effectiveness

Looking for mentions round their new game

Do you want to give it a try?

How to monitor social media mentions?

First, create a free Brand24 account – no credit card required.

Enter keywords connected to your business, for example, company, product and hashtag name.


Have a closer look at the panel.

Important! Social media monitoring tools don’t collect 100% accurate historical data.

Once you create your first project, Brand24 takes you to the Summary tab. This is where you can see the most important numbers and KPIs (key performance indicators).


Have a closer look at the panel.

To see all newly arriving mentions, sources, graphs, filters, go to the mentions tab which looks like this:

Mentions tab from Brand24

Have a closer look at the panel.

This is where all social mentions arrive. You can also receive them in one of your Slack channels or via mobile app.

And this is how a social mention looks like in Brand24:

Have a closer look at the panel.

In the picture we can see:

  • Author’s name.
  • Number of followers (in case of social media profile).
  • Source.
  • Influencer score.
  • The number of interactions.
  • Date.
  • Content of the social media mention.
  • Options.

The most important bits of data are gathered in the analysis tab.


Have a closer look at the panel.

Analysis tab is the heart of your project. It contains information about:

  • The most popular authors.
  • The most popular mentions.
  • Numerical summary of your project.
  • Influence of social media authors.
  • Mentions by category.
  • + more!

Try it out for free. No credit card required.


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