The 18 Best Customer Feedback Tools to Try in 2024

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We aim to ensure that customers are happy with our products or services. But how to know what customers want or need? That’s where customer feedback comes in!

It’s important to listen to customers and understand what they’re saying. It will help you to improve your products or services and build a loyal customer base.

In this article, I’ll show you the best customer feedback tools.

Let’s dive in!

The best customer feedback tools:

  1. Brand24
  2. Survicate
  3. Woorise
  4. SurveyMonkey
  5. Hotjar
  6. Google Forms
  7. AskNicely
  8. Qualtrics
  9. Typeform
  10. Retently
  11. Refiner
  12. Usersnap
  13. InMoment
  14. UserTesting
  15. Zonka Feedback
  16. Medallia
  17. Feedier
  18. Mopinion

01 Brand24

Free 14-day trial. Individual plan for $79.

Brand24 is a social listening tool that gathers customers’ mentions and detects whether they are positive, negative, or neutral. With the help of this tool, you can gather customer feedback without surveys or feedback widgets.

Brand24 - customer feedback tool that tracks online mentions, analyzes sentiment and context of a discussion

Monitor online mentions and track customer feedback!

How does it work? The tool collects public mentions from many sources, such as social media platforms, news, blogs, forums, podcasts, newsletters, and reviews.

All you have to do is choose the keywords to track and set up the monitoring project. Then you will gain access to mentions.

The Brand24 tool will help you:

  • Monitor brand mentions: You will track and monitor mentions of the brand, product, or service across the Internet. This can provide real-time insights into what customers are saying about the business, which can inform product development and marketing teams.
Positive and negative mentions detected by the Brand24 tool
  • Identifying customer pain points: Brand24 will help you identify customers’ most commonly mentioned issues and complaints with a business. You can use it to improve customer service, products, and services to meet customer needs and expectations.

Thanks to the Topic Modeling feature, you can detect areas that interest your audience.

For example, lately, Beyonce ended her partnership with Adidas. The tool spotted that fact and detected sentiment around it:

Topic Modeling feature by the Brand24 tool detected customer insights for the Adidas brand
  • Sentiment analysis: The tool evaluates brand mentions’ sentiment, such as whether customers are expressing positive or negative feedback. Sentiment analysis can help you measure customer satisfaction levels and identify areas for improvement.
Sentiment analysis chart inside Brand24 - customer feedback tool
  • Detect the context of a discussion: The tool allows you to track what most popular words that appear in customer conversations. Based on that data, you can detect which topics are positive, negative, or neutral for your brand.
Context of a discussion detected by the Brand24 tool

The main advantage of using a social listening tool to collect feedback is the reliability of data. As you don’t ask for feedback in person, the customers reveal their true views.

Monitor online mentions and track customer feedback!

“Thanks to Brand24, we could see which websites mentioned the reports and which information they found the most relevant. We treated it as a form of feedback – it inspired us to write more about topics that our readers found relevant.

For example, after noticing the popularity of our analysis about prices on Allegro and Amazon in Poland, we have decided to prepare a similar report – a comparison between prices and competition on Google Shopping and Ceneo.”

Fragment of case study: How does Dealavo use Brand24

02 Survicate

10-day free trial. Starter plan $59/mo. 

Survicate is a robust yet simple-to-use survey tool, ideal for gathering continuous feedback across various channels like email, web, in-product, and mobile apps. With the latest addition of an AI survey creator, this flexible and fully customizable survey software is a must-have for any business looking to collect customer feedback effortlessly.

Key features:

  • A wide range of native integrations with third-party tools
  • Intuitive drag-and-drop survey creator, no coding required
  • Over 400 ready-to-use survey templates with AI-assisted search and personalized recommendations

03 Woorise

The basic plan costs $29 per month.

Woorise is a comprehensive lead generation and marketing platform that provides a variety of interactive campaigns, such as landing pages, forms, surveys, quizzes, and viral giveaways, enabling you to collect leads and engage your audience.

One of the standout features of Woorise is its modern landing page and form builder, which comes with over 100 interactive templates and more than 40 fields, as well as thousands of social actions to choose from.

With Woorise’s conditional logic feature, you can build smart online forms that adapt to users’ inputs, collecting the necessary customer feedback without compromising the user experience. 

Key features:

  • Survey templates
  • Customizable survey design
  • Real-time feedback tracking
  • Multilingual surveys
Woorise -  marketing platform that provides a variety of interactive campaigns, such as forms, surveys, quizzes, and viral giveaways

04 SurveyMonkey

The team advantage plan costs $49 per user/month.

Customer surveys are a popular way of gathering customer feedback. SurveyMonkey is one of the best tools to do that.

The tool will allow you to create customized surveys with a variety of question types, including multiple-choice, rating scales, and open-ended questions.

With SurveyMonkey, you can reach a large number of customers via email, social media, or embedded on a website.

Key features:

  • Multilingual surveys
  • Click map data visualization
  • Quizzes with custom feedback
Retently - tool for collecting and analyzing customer feedback

Remember that customer surveys might give you inaccurate feedback. This can happen if the survey questions are biased or customers feel pressured to give socially acceptable answers.

05 Hotjar

Free to use. Starts from $32 per month.

Hotjar is a great tool for collecting feedback. It offers various features such as heatmaps, recordings, surveys, and polls to get insights into customer behaviors and preferences.

No doubt, the most important and famous feature of Hotjar is a heatmap. They show where customers click, scroll, and interact with a website. So it’s a great tool for improving product development.

Hotjar also provides detailed analytics to help identify areas for improvement. Additionally, it has an easy-to-use interface and integrates with popular tools such as Google Analytics and HubSpot.

Key features:

  • Heatmaps
  • Recordings
  • Surveys
  • Interviews
Hotjar - customer feedback tool with heatmaps showing where customers click, scroll, and interact

How do you gather feedback from users, and how does that feedback influence product development? 

“We have multiple sources of feedback – customer success team, direct interviews, and indirect data from various monitoring and analytical tools. We combine those three and build business hypotheses based on that, which are being verified via various tests later one. The ones that turn out to be the best are being added to the product.”

Karol Kłaczyński, Product Owner at Brand24

Try the customer feedback tool!

06 Google Forms

Free to use.

Google Forms is one of the most popular customer feedback tools. It’s a great way to gather customer insights. The tool offers a range of customization options, making it easy to design and deploy surveys quickly.

With Google Forms, you can create surveys with various question types, including multiple-choice, checkboxes, shore answers, and dropdowns.

Thanks to real-time tracking of survey responses, you can monitor feedback as it comes in. Also, you can easily share your forms via email, social media, or embedded on a website.

Key features:

  • Customizable survey questions
  • Branding and customization
  • Real-time response tracking
  • Integration with Google Sheets
Google Forms - free online tool for conducting surveys collecting customer feedback

07 AskNicely

Detailed pricing is available upon request.

AskNicely is an interesting customer feedback software. The tool specializes in Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys measuring customer loyalty and satisfaction.

With this tool, you can send automated feedback requests to customers via email or SMS. So it’s easy to collect feedback without manual effort. It also provides real-time feedback data and insights.

AskNicely integrates with other customer engagement tools like Salesforce, Slack, and Hubspot.

Key features:

  • Customizable surveys
  • Automated feedback requests
  • Real-time feedback
  • Integration with other platforms
AskNicely - customer feedback platform that specialize in Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys

08 Qualtrics

Detailed pricing is available upon request.

Qualtrics is a customer feedback and experience management tool for measuring, analyzing, and understanding customers.

The tool collects feedback from multiple channels, including web, email, mobile, and social media. The big advantage of Qualtrics is advanced analytics and reporting.

The tool offers a comprehensive set of features, such as:

  • Collecting customer feedback in real-time
  • Advanced analytics
  • Surveys and polls
  • Automatic reports
Qualtrics - customer feedback software with advanced analytics

09 Typeform

The basic plan costs 21€ per user/month.

Typeform is a customer feedback survey tool. With this tool, you can build interactive, well-designed forms, surveys, and quizzes.

Typeform makes it easy to collect data and measure customer experiences.

It will allow you to create interactive forms with drag-and-drop templates and customizations, including audio and video elements, calculations, images, and more.

Key features:

  • Customizable survey design
  • Multi-channel feedback collection
  • Real-time feedback tracking
  • Integration with other platforms
Typeform - online tool that will help you create well-designed feedback surveys

Discover what customers are saying about your brand!

10 Retently

The basic plan costs $25 per user/month.

Retently is a customer experience and feedback analytics tool designed to help you understand and improve the customer journey.

This tool gathers valuable insights through reviews, surveys, NPS, and CSAT ratings. Then helps to analyze those data points to identify improvement areas.

Retently provides various features such as automated surveys and reviews, powerful analytics, insights, and notifications.

Furthermore, Retently can be integrated with other tools like Salesforce, Google Sheets, Slack, etc.

Key features:

  • Feedback analytics
  • Custom reports
  • Real-time feedback tracking
  • Integration with other platforms
Retently - tool for collecting and analyzing customer feedback

Discover what customers are saying about your brand!

11 Refiner

The essentials plan costs $79 per user/month.

Refiner is a customer feedback and survey tool for Saas and product development.

Refiner offers various methods for collecting feedback, including in-app feedback widgets, email surveys, and popup forms.

Those features allow you to collect customer feedback at various touchpoints throughout the customer journey, including while they are using the product.

What’s great, you can embed Refiner’s feedback widgets in the product. So customers don’t have to leave the product to provide feedback.

Also, the tool allows segmenting the customers based on their feedback and engagement levels.

Key features:

  • Survey templates
  • In-product survey
  • User segmentation
  • Reporting dashboard
Refiner - survey and customer feedback tool for Saas and product development

12 Usersnap

The startup plan costs $69 per user/month.

Usersnap is a bug-tracking and feedback tool that helps teams track workflow issues, tasks, and feature requests.

Usersnap’s in-app feedback widgets allow you to collect customer feedback directly within the website or web application.

What’s interesting is that Usersnap allows customers to take a screenshot and screen recording of the issue they are experiencing and annotate it with comments or feedback.

It also provides detailed reports on user activity, helping teams prioritize their workflows and quickly resolve client issues.

Furthermore, it integrates with other project management platforms like Jira, Slack, and Asana. So teams can manage their workflows more efficiently.

Key features:

  • Screen captures
  • In-app surveys
  • Bug tracking
  • feature validation
Usersnap is a bug-tracking and feedback tool that allows customers to take a screenshot and screen recording

13 InMoment

Detailed pricing is available upon request.

InMoment is a customer feedback management platform enabling you to measure and improve customer experience.

InMoment measures customer satisfaction through a variety of methods, including Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys and in-app feedback.

The tool integrates with many other tools and platforms, including Zendesk, Salesforce, and HubSpot. So incorporating customer feedback into existing workflows is easy.

Keay features:

  • Net Promoter Score (NPS) surveys
  • Customer Effort Score
  • In-app feedback
  • Real-time experience analytics
InMoment - customer feedback tool that measures customer satisfaction and experience

14 UserTesting

Detailed pricing is available upon request.

UserTesting is a user research and testing platform designed to gather customer feedback through live user testing, AB testing, and surveys.

With UserTesting, you can observe and analyze how users interact with their website, app, or product in real time. The tool identifies usability issues. So you can improve the user experience and increases customer satisfaction.

One of the key features of UserTesting is its live video conversations, which allow you to watch and listen as users interact with their website or app. It’s a great way to gather qualitative feedback on the user experience, including pain points, confusion, and areas for improvement.

Key features:

  • Customer journey mapping
  • Customer segmentation
  • Feedback management
  • Surveys
UserTesting - customer feedback tool that allows to improve customer satisfaction by conducting live user testing, AB testing, and surveys

15 Zonka Feedback

Free plan available. The starter plan costs $49 per month. Zonka Feedback is a powerful customer feedback tool that lets you collect and distribute surveys across multiple channels. You can capture feedback through the website, in-product/in-app, emails, SMS, kiosks, survey links, QR codes, and more.

This feedback and experience management tool lets you measure and manage feedback through different CX metrics like CSAT, NPS, and CES. Its advanced reporting and analytics capabilities enable businesses to make data-driven decisions.

You can create engaging surveys using its WYSIWYG survey builder, add customizations to white-label the surveys, make them smart using survey skip and hide logic, and more.

Key Features:

  • 100+ survey templates
  • Complete customization & white-labeling
  • In-depth analytics and real-time reports
  • Multi-channel feedback collection
zonka feedback tool

16 Medallia

Detailed pricing is available upon request.

Medallia is a customer experience (CX) management platform designed to get and analyze customer feedback across various touchpoints. Using advanced AI technology, Medallia offers real-time insights into customer sentiments and behaviors, helping you respond effectively to their needs and preferences. 

AI works quietly in the background, analyzing customer feedback to identify key patterns and trends. It’s effective at revealing both positive aspects and potential issues from the customer’s perspective. 

How can it be useful? These insights allow you to adjust your strategies quickly and efficiently. Additionally, the AI component is not just reactive. The tool provides predictions of future trends and customer preferences. In the long run, this makes decision-making easier and helps provide a service that’s more suited to each customer.

It all makes the tool a great choice for brands looking to get a well-rounded understanding of their customer experience across various digital touchpoints. 

Key features:

  • Feedback management
  • AI based real-time analytics 
  • Surveys
  • Integration with other platforms 
Medallia dashboard

17 Feedier

Detailed pricing is available upon request.

Feedier is a customer feedback tool that uses various gamified experiences and rewards. It transforms the feedback process into an interactive and enjoyable experience, leading to increased customer participation and more authentic responses.

The platform offers a variety of interactive elements such as quizzes, polls, and contests, which make providing feedback more fun and encourage thoughtful and detailed responses. 

Plus, customers are incentivized to participate through rewards, such as discount codes, exclusive content, or entries into larger contests. It all further boosts response rates and general engagement in gathering feedback.

Feedier is ideal for businesses looking to upgrade from boring, old-fashioned feedback methods. Want to try something different? Give it a go for a fun, interactive experience. You can use its customizable features to make unique feedback forms that will match your brand. 

Key features:

  • Customer rewards system
  • Engaging feedback forms
  • Customizable surveys
  • Integration with other platforms
Feedier dashboard

18 Mopinion

The standard plan starts from $259/month, but you can try out the tool during a 14-day free trial.

Mopinion is a digital feedback analysis tool aimed at improving websites and mobile app user experience. It focuses on collecting and analyzing real-time user feedback, providing businesses with insights to enhance their products and services.

What sets Mopinion apart is its ability to pair user feedback with a vastness of website data. This includes metadata like user agent, device type, screen resolution, and more. It can even integrate with Javascript variables, cookies, or data stored in Google Tag Manager. 

This means you’re not just seeing feedback – you’re also getting a full picture of the context behind it. It’s almost like having X-ray vision into your user’s experience, helping you quickly pinpoint and address specific issues.

Mopinion is an excellent option for companies focused on enhancing user experience. It provides specialized tools for detailed analytics and practical feedback. With its insights, you can refine the functionality and design of websites or products like apps.

Key features:

  • Real-time feedback collection
  • Customizable feedback forms
  • Heatmaps & screen recordings
  • Feedback enriched with crucial metadata
Mopinion dashboard

What tools do you use to gather customer feedback to improve product development?

“Under “tools,” I understand not only the technical means or software but also various techniques we can use. There are two basic types of tools we use: qualitative and quantitative.

The first group consists of things like direct interviews with our customers, recordings of user sessions, in-app surveys, and customer feedback obtained by our Customer Success Team, which works with our customers on a daily basis. That gives us valuable insights that are a starting point for quantitative checks we perform all the time.

For that purpose, we use analytics tools such as Heap, Hotjar, and many more that provide the data we can use later on with visualization tools to verify our hypotheses. It is also important to simply test the solutions by showing them live to our users in the form of AB tests. That is not direct, conscious feedback, but that is exactly what we need – the more conscious the feedback, the more biased it can be.”

Karol Kłaczyński, Product Owner at Brand24

Discover what customers are saying about your brand!

Why should you use customer feedback tools?

Tools make it easier to collect, manage, and analyze customer feedback. Automating data collection also saves time, money, and effort.

They will help you learn more about your customers, make sure they’re happy, and decide what to do next.

What’s important, tools can conduct sentiment analysis. It will explain how customers feel about your products or services.

Here are some main benefits:

  • With a customer feedback tool, you will collect feedback more efficiently and at scale.
  • Tools will help you stay organized as all customer comments and issues are collected in one place.
  • Customer feedback tools often come with built-in analytics and reporting features. So it will be much easier for you to make data-driven decisions.
  • Using customer feedback software is especially important for SaaS and product development. Feedback can inform the development team of what features customers need. Actually, this is how we develop Brand24.
  • Overall, feedback tools can have a great impact on improving customer satisfaction.
5 important reasons why should you use customer feedback tools

Discover what customers are saying about your brand!

How to use customer feedback software?

Here are 4 tips on how you can effectively use customer feedback tools to gather valuable insights:

Organize the data

Start by categorizing feedback into themes, such as product quality, customer service, or pricing. This will help you identify trends and patterns more easily.

Conduct sentiment analysis

Analyze the feedback data to determine how customers feel about our products or services.

The best customer feedback tools use natural language processing techniques to evaluate if the feedback is positive, negative, or neutral. This analysis shows how satisfied customers are.

Detect insights

Extracting insights from customer feedback data is a crucial step in the analysis process. 

This includes identifying valuable findings and patterns that provide helpful insights for improving decision-making and customer experiences with products and services.

  • Look for recurring topics or themes in the feedback data. This could include specific product features, customer service experiences, pricing concerns, or usability issues.
  • Group similar feedback to gain a holistic view of customer sentiments and priorities.
  • Assign categories or tags to feedback entries to streamline the analysis process.
  • Determine which feedback most significantly impacts customer satisfaction and business goals.
  • Use rating scales, satisfaction scores, or sentiment analysis techniques to quantify feedback data. 
  • Identify the root causes of common issues or recurring themes to address them effectively.
  • To gain better insights, combine customer feedback data with other related data sources such as sales data, website analytics, and customer demographic information.
  • Make sure to present the insights you’ve extracted in a way that is clear, concise, and easily understood by your team.

Continue monitoring

It’s important to collect feedback on a regular basis to ensure that the changes made are effective.

Setting up alerts or notifications within your feedback management tool to flag urgent or critical feedback is a good idea. Additionally, it’s essential to update your analysis techniques to keep up with evolving customer needs and preferences.

Also, compare your feedback data over time to assess progress and measure the impact of changes made.

What do customers say about the iPhone 14?

Curious about the buzz surrounding the highly anticipated iPhone 14? Look no further!

To find out what Apple customers say about iPhone 14, I set up a monitoring project using the Bran24 tool. Now it’s time to analyze customer feedback.

Over the past 30 days, there have been more than 3k mentions daily, with the majority of them being positive.

Iphone14 mentions
Iphone14 mentions

As a result, the sentiment around iPhone 14 is positive.

Iphone14 Sentimental breakdown
Iphone14 Sentimental breakdown

Instagram is the main source of mentions. But lots of mentions come from Twitter and Videos.

Iphone14 Categories share
Iphone14 Categories share

Thanks to the most popular mentions feature, I discovered this tweet:


The replies provide valuable feedback:

Mention detected by the customer feedback tool Brand24
Mention detected by the customer feedback tool Brand24
Mention detected by the customer feedback tool Brand24
Mention detected by the customer feedback tool Brand24

As you can see, lots of comments praise the Apple ecosystem.

Now, let’s examine the reasons behind the complaints of iPhone users.

In the Quotes tab, I selected negative sentiment. Surprisingly, many mentions say the iPhone 14 is the worst Apple smartphone.

Negative quotes detected by one of the best customer feedback tools the Brand24 tool

But overall, the Reputation Score of the iPhone 14 is not bad.

Reputation Score of iPhone 14

What is the right customer feedback tool for you? Conclusion

Customer feedback tools are necessary for any business seeking valuable insights into their customers’ experiences and journeys.

But which one to choose?

I recommend you test those 3 types of tools:

  • Social listening tools, like Brand24, will help you listen to what customers say about your company and products online. The big advantage of using those tools is unforced and truthful feedback. There is no risk that answers will be skewed. You don’t ask questions. You monitor online mentions and track what customers are talking about you. That’s the point. The second interesting feature is sentiment analysis. Tools can measure whether sentiment around your brand and products is negative, positive, or neutral. That’s a great way to detect the actual level of customer satisfaction. 
  • Survey tools like SurveyMonkey and Google Forms will help you ask direct questions to your customers. Those tools are easy to use and cost-effective. If you construct the questionnaire correctly, you can discover valuable insights. But unfortunately, this method of feedback can be unreliable. Survey respondents may not always provide honest feedback, leading to response bias. The respondents’ sample may not represent the entire customer base. This can lead to skewing the results.
  • In-app feedback tools, like Usersnap, will help you detect the weak points of your product. Those tools are necessary for each SaaS company. Overall, we build products to meet customer needs, don’t we? Your customers are a source of information. They can direct you on how to develop the product. Most of those tools collect feedback from users in real time. So you can react quickly if any bug appears. 

Ready to start collecting valuable feedback? Monitor mentions and listen to what your customers say about you!

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