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Best PR software in 2021

Public relations is a competitive industry. To succeed and stay one step ahead of your competitors, you need a stack of top PR software to help you.

PR software can make your life either a living hell or so much easier. The goal is to choose exactly the type of software you need to be successful in your job.

To help you choose the right PR software stack, we prepared a list of various tools that will make your every day tasks a piece of cake.

A carefully selected PR software will help you monitor the mentions about your client, measure PR campaign, manage press releases, and track influencers campaigns.

Without further ado, let’s take a look at the top PR software!

  • 1. Brand24
  • 2. Brandwatch
  • 3. Prowly
  • 4. Cision
  • 5. Anewstip
  • 6. Help a reporter out
  • 7. Radio Guest List
  • 8. Prezly
  • 9. Augure by Launchmetrics
  • 10. Business Wire
  • 1. Brand24

    Brand24 is a top media monitoring and reporting software.

    Once you create a media monitoring project, the tool will collect all publicly available mentions containing your keyword.

    The sources covered by this PR software include:

    • social media platforms, for example, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, or Twitch
    • podcasts
    • publicly available newsletters
    • forums
    • blogs
    • news sites
    • other publicly available sources

    But Brand24 is more than just a robust media monitoring engine. The piece of software will help you analyse the online presence.

    Brand24 will analyse the results and give you information about:

    • the volume of mentions
    • sentiment analysis
    • estimated social media reach
    • non-social media reach
    • total number of social likes, comments, and shares
    • the share of voice
    • top public profiles and their influence

    As you can see, that is a lot of useful insights you can implement across different stages of working with your client.

    Media monitoring will help you:

    • build and measure brand awareness
    • spot and manage online crises
    • monitor the results of PR and marketing campaigns
    • identify top influencers to work with
    • keep a close eye on your competitors

    There are two additional features that make Brand24 the perfect piece of a PR software.

    First, there is the system of notifications. You can choose between four types of notifications:

    • in-app notifications (both for iOS and Android)
    • storm alerts send to predefined email every time there is an unusual surge in the number of mentions
    • email reports you can receive daily that contain the most important mentions
    • integration with a Slack channel

    You can easily forward the emails to share them with your client and always stop on the top of your mentions.

    The second feature extremely useful for a PR agency are PDF reports.

    You have to present the results of your work to your clients. PDF reports are the perfect way to do that.

    First of all, you can choose what information the report will contain. Simply use the slider to add or delete the data to the report.

    The media monitoring reports are also highly customisable. You can:

    • apply filters
    • manage quotes that appear in the report
    • add your own logo
    • add description of the report
    • pick your own accent colour

    The last step is to generate a PDF report that will show the results of your work.

    Price: Brand24 starts at $49 and offers a 14-day free trial.

    2. Brandwatch

    Brandwatch is an enterprise level media monitoring tool that offers robust analytics sections.

    You can use this piece of PR software to measure previous and ongoing PR campaigns, as the tool offers a solid set of historical data.

    Brandwatch not only collects the data, it also analyses them and provides actionable insights. It is a piece of PR software that offers digital consumer intelligence platform.

    With the help of Brandwatch, you can:

    • spot customers’ trends
    • find new market opportunities
    • get ahead of your competitors and improve your ROI
    • protect your brand reputation by spotting potential threats before they escalate

    Unfortunately, all the data will cost you. Brandwatch does not disclose its pricing, but the rumour has it the pricing starts at $800 dollars per month.

    Price: Pricing available upon request

    3. Prowly

    You already have media monitoring at your fingertips, let’s take a look at some content management tools. As a PR professional, yo need to manage different types of content, so it is important to keep everything neatly organised.

    Prowly is the PR software you need in your stack. This content platform will help you:

    • build your newsroom or brand magazine
    • manage your media contacts
    • create engaging and interactive content
    • find relevant media content

    Prowly will play an important role in your PR software stack. This tool will make it easier to discover and share your content and will help you organise your owned, paid, and earned media.

    The PR software will also help you organise the list of your contacts. It provides an effective CRM system to make your work more effective.

    Price: The Basic plan costs $210 per month. The tool offers a 7-day free trial.

    4. Cision

    Cision is one of the best-known piece of PR software. And rightly so!

    The tool will help you identify influencers, prepare and distribute the stories that will help your clients, and measure the impact of your actions.

    The software consists of different products:

    • communications cloud
    • database
    • distribution
    • monitoring
    • analytics
    • impact
    • insights

    The PR software offers a holistic approach to PR. The tool will help you execute the campaigns, measure their effect, get in touch with the right journalists and influencers. This will help you reach the right audience and engage the followers of your clients’ social media accounts.

    While doing outreach, you will be able to use Cisions’ database of over 1 billion journalists and social influencers profiles. You can search by intent, expertise, or other demographics.

    Price: Pricing is available upon request.

    5. Anewstip

    One of the most important aspects of working in a PR agency is cooperation with influencers, journalists, and various media outlets.

    If the above statement is true, Anewstip is the software you are looking for.

    Once you sign up, you will see a media list containing contact details, specialisation, locations, etc.

    Anewstip also offers the Pitch feature. Once you enter your press release, the software will automatically generate a list of recommended journalists you should contact.

    Once you submit your piece of content, you will be able to track the open rate and clicks.

    Price: A limited free version is available, the most popular standard plan costs $200 per month.

    6. Help a reporter out

    Help a reporter out, also called HARO, is a similar piece of PR software.

    HARO is the middleman that connects journalists who need expertise with experts in their field.

    The tool is much simpler than Anewstip, but it is also much cheaper.

    Price: The Basic subscription is free, the Standard plan starts at $19 per month.

    7. Radio Guest List

    Radio Guest List works just like HARO. The only difference is that it focuses on the audio world.

    Radio Guest List connects radio journalists and podcasters with experts.

    Price: Radio Guest List is a free piece of PR software.

    8. Prezly

    Prezly advertises itself as a PR software for better communication.

    You can achieve various goals with this piece of software.

    With Prezly you can:

    • manage your contacts
    • publish your news
    • report on coverage

    The tool developed a CRM system that will help you keep your contact list up-to-date, the newsroom will help you publish easily publish your stories, and provide personalised content to your target audience.

    Prezly will also help out with reporting the results of your work to your clients.

    Price: Professional Plan starts at € 240 per month, billed annually.

    9. Augure by Launchmetrics

    Augure is a reputation management software. It offers a Publisher platform that will help you with:

    • media and journalists expansion
    • influencer outreach
    • content creation and distribution
    • car fleet loan optimisation
    • digital event management
    • cross channel tracking
    • campaign analytics
    • reporting

    As you can see, Prezly is an all-encompassing piece of software that will help you with most of your PR needs.

    Price: Pricing is available upon request.

    10. Business Wire

    Business Wire will help you with distribution of your content.

    Business Wire has a patented NX network. Thanks to this solution, the software is able to reach more than 100,000 media outlets in 162 countries.

    Moreover, Business Wire will help you create interactive content that has the potential to attract your target audience and help you stand out among your competitors.

    Price: Pricing is available upon request.

    Which PR software should you choose?

    The answer to this question depends on your needs and goals.

    Are you more interested in managing and protecting your clients reputation, building brand awareness, or reaching out to journalists and influencers?

    The PR process requires you to run various different tasks at the same time. It is sometimes impossible to track every activity and monitor the data without the help of dedicated tool.

    You might need to implement two or more tools to meet all your business needs.

    Before you start implementing any new tools, define the goals of your PR campaign. The best software won’t help you if you don’t have a clearly defined goal in mind.


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