How to measure hashtag reach

How to measure a hashtag’s reach?


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A hashtag’s reach is one of the crucial metrics when it comes to the assessment of your marketing efforts, whether it’s brand awareness, marketing campaigns, branded hashtags, contests, or events. To help you out with this one, I prepared a short guide how to measure a hashtag’s reach using Brand24.

Here’s what we have here for today:

  • What is hashtag reach?
  • How to measure a hashtag’s reach?

What is hashtag reach?

A hashtag’s reach is a social media metric which describes the number of social media users who both use a hashtag and might have come across it on social media platforms.

There’s a few scenarios when a hashtag’s reach rises to prominence.

  • A marketing campaign – These days even the biggest brands consider reach as one of the determinants of success of a marketing campaign. No matter what size your company is, it’s still important to publish any content with a unique hashtag. This hashtag then becomes a tool to measure the campaign’s reach.
  • An event – It could be said that events these days take place both offline and online. Event organisers encourage attendees to share pictures, engage in discussions and generally contribute to the buzz about the event in social media. A well-knit event has a dedicated hashtag that accompanies every piece of content in social media. Social media reach of the event can make or break its success.
  • Brand awareness – Brand awareness of an online business is made of a few factors and one of them is social media reach. First, however, to be able to measure it, you need to use a branded hashtag with every piece of content you publish. As your business grows, people share your content and start using your branded hashtag, the social media reach of your brand grows beyond your followers. Then, with the help of this hashtag, you can measure the reach of this content.
  • User-generated content – User-generated campaigns are a good way to rise the reach of your brand in social media. Such a campaign should invite participants to share their content with a dedicated hashtag.

How to measure a hashtag’s reach?

One of the ways to do so is to use a Web and social media monitoring tools such as Brand24. It collects and analyzes all online mentions of predefined keywords. It finds application in various areas of online business. The tool offers a free, 2-week trial period (no credit card required) with prices starting at $49 a month.

Among many pieces of data about mentions Brand24 analyses, one of them is social media reach.

Here’s how to measure a hashtag’s reach.

  1. Create an account. It’s completely free.
  2. Enter a hashtag you want to monitor and get data about. You can enter a few hashtags.
  3. Choose your language.
  4. Create the project.

Now Brand24 starts collecting and analysing all online mentions of your hashtag.

There’s a few interesting places inside Brand24 where you can learn about the reach of your hashtag.

Analysis tab

Analysis tab houses the majority of data about your monitored hashtag. This is where you can find social media reach of your hashtag.

  1. Go to Analysis tab.
  2. On the right, you can see a numerical summary of social media content using your hashtag.
  3. Look for Estimated social media reach box to find the social media reach of your hashtag.
Numerical summary of data about your monitored hashtag including hashtag reach

Mentions tab

Inside the Mentions tab, apart from collected mentions, their sources, filters, you can find a chart depicting the social media reach of your hashtag.

  • You can freely adjust the time frame of the chart
  • You can click any day to discover daily social media reach and mentions from that day
Chart inside Brand24 showing a hashtag's reach

Summary tab

Summary tab provides a quick overview of the most important pieces of data about keywords and hashtags you monitor. It offers a comparison of social media reach compared to previous period.

  1. Go to Summary tab.
  2. On the right, you can find the Summary box which informs about the social media reach and its changes for your hashtag.
  3. Down below, you can find a chart depicting the social media reach and its changes for your hashtag.
Summary tab depicting differences in your hashtag's reach