How to Track LinkedIn Mentions? [2024]

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Microsoft was mentioned on LinkedIn 344 times in the last 30 days, and only 3 of the mentions were negative. Meanwhile, Bill Gates was mentioned 32 times on the same platform, and none were negative. This data is not trumped up; I used the advanced mentions monitoring tool!

LinkedIn mention is the naming and discussing of a company, brand, product, service, or person in LinkedIn posts, comments, or articles. Mentions can be tagged or not; LinkedIn hashtags are also considered as mentions. They are essential because, first and foremost, they encourage engagement and increase brand visibility, and they are an integral element in reputation management. Also, they provide valuable insights into customers.

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What are LinkedIn mentions?

LinkedIn mention is nothing more than naming a contact or other LinkedIn member in a post, comment, or article. It’s used to address a particular user, start engaging in a conversation, or simply get someone’s attention.

As we know, LinkedIn is a platform for maintaining a professional profile and building a network. The mentioned member does not necessarily have to be a person; it can be a LinkedIn profile of a company or brand.

Three types of mentions can be distinguished:

  • Tagged mention: It’s obtained by typing the “@” symbol in a post or comment, followed by the name of the person, brand, or company. When you begin typing the first few letters after “@,” LinkedIn will suggest various profiles, and you can choose the profile you want to mention from the list. The “@” symbol is not visible in published articles, posts, and comments; the mentioned profiles are bolded and clickable (clicking them will navigate to their profiles).
  • Untagged mention: It’s a simple text mention where the “@” tag is not used. There may be situations where LinkedIn members mention people, brands, or companies without using tags.
  • Hashtag: LinkedIn hashtags can also be considered as mentions and, like “@”, are clickable. If you click tag, you will be redirected to a page with all posts containing that hashtag.
LinkedIn "@" mention of Microsoft
LinkedIn “@” mention of Microsoft

Mentions increase the reach of any LinkedIn post, so your brand will likely be noticed on LinkedIn! As a result, it can drive traffic to your other marketing channels.

Tracking your brand appearance in someone else’s post or comment is a must today!

Mentions are the basis for building relationships with your audience, whether potential or current customers, employees, or business partners. 

Responding to mentions in posts and comments makes you bond with them all. They notice that you are not indifferent to what they say and feel taken care of. By doing so, you build a strong brand reputation!

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As I said before, not every mention is tagged!

Also, some LinkedIn members may have their mentions settings turned off. Even if you use the “@” symbol, the mention will become untagged when the post or comment is published.

LinkedIn does not catch hashtags, as well as untagged mentioning of brands and people – there are no notifications of them.

Fortunately, social media monitoring tools capture every mention type and provide sentiment analysis!

Untagged mention of Microsoft detected by Brand24 (AI-powered social media monitoring tool)
Untagged mention of Microsoft detected by Brand24

Benefits of tracking mentions on LinkedIn:

  • Engaging with target audiences
  • Improving brand reputation
  • Monitoring competitors and industry trends
  • Generating content ideas
  • Providing the best customer service

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How to track LinkedIn mentions?

Mentions can be tracked in two ways. You can do it through the LinkedIn app or a social media monitoring tool.

01 Manual tracking

Manual tracking involves checking notifications or manually typing your brand name or hashtag into the search bar to find mentions in posts. Mentions in the comments are not searchable.

The tagged account receives email, push, and app notifications. In the notification setting, you can turn them off and set the frequency of receiving email notifications.

These mentions are listed in one tab at the top of your LinkedIn homepage. That does not change the fact that fully manual tracking is time-consuming and inefficient!

Mention notification tab in LinkedIn
Mention notification tab on LinkedIn

Manual tracking has many disadvantages!

First of all, you are notified just about tagged mentions of your brand. You can’t get notifications about mentions of your competitors. You have to check them fully manually!

Moreover, LinkedIn does not offer any additional features to analyze mentions. The only information you get is that someone tagged you.

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02 Using a social media monitoring tool

Another way to monitor LinkedIn mentions is to use a social media monitoring tool like Brand24

This tool monitors social media platforms (including LinkedIn) and the whole internet to find all the mentions you want.

When it comes to LinkedIn, Brand24 collects:

  • mentions from your company’s page, so you must have administrator access to this page
  • comments on the mentions (available after enabling the appropriate option in the integration)

It’s worth highlighting that social media monitoring tools collect only publicly accessible mentions. It means that, in the case of LinkedIn, it doesn’t capture mentions in private groups and chats.

AI- powered Brand24 dashboard with tracked LinkedIn mentions
Brand24 dashboard with tracked LinkedIn mentions of Bill Gates

Media monitoring tools can do more than just track mentions. One of Brand24’s powerful features is the Anomaly Detector.

This AI-driven feature quickly analyzes and explains the reason for the spike in mentions. It saves a lot of time! 

You don’t have to figure out on your own why you or your business started to be talked about more.

Analysis of mentions on LinkedIn and Anomaly Detector in AI-driven tool Brand24
Analysis of LinkedIn mentions of Bill Gates on LinkedIn and Anomaly Detector in Brand24

In Brand24, you can also track the progress of your brand mentions by comparing periods. It’s available in the Comparison tab.

With this feature, you can see how each metric changed. 

For example, the number of LinkedIn mentions of Microsoft increased by 421% compared to the previous period (see the image below).

Compare periods - AI-powered feature in Brand24
Compare periods of Microsoft mentions of LinkedIn – overview

Benefits of tracking mentions using advanced LinkedIn monitoring tools like Brand24:

  • Measuring the volume and reach of every type of mention
  • Identifying the emotional tone of mentions (sentiment analysis)
  • Reacting to the recent event of a sudden brand reputation crisis
  • Advanced filtering, for example, by date, sentiment, influencer score, and much more
  • Discovering the most important topics and trends (topic analysis)

How to analyze LinkedIn mentions to gain insights?

Mentions on LinkedIn are a valuable source of data! Analyzing them would take you too long.

Thanks to AI Insights and Metrics Analysis, you gain in-depth insights. These AI functions automatically analyze all data & metrics and develop comprehensive findings.

They will help you better understand your audience and make the right data-driven decisions!

Below, I present to you insights, trends, and recommendations you can find in the AI Insights tab:

AI-based insights in Brand24
AI-based insights of Bill Gates in Brand24
AI-based trends of Bill Gates in Brand24
AI-based recommendations for Bill Gates in Brand24
AI-based recommendations for Bill Gates in Brand24

See the summary of Metrics Analysis of Microsoft:

Summary of Metrics Analysis in AI-powered social listening tool Brand24
Metrics Analysis of Microsoft in Brand24

Get your LinkedIn insights!


Shortly speaking, I highly recommend using social media monitoring tools to track mentions. Manually tracking is time-consuming and less effective than using dedicated tools.

However, take into account your needs. If your brand is small and is mentioned infrequently, then using LinkedIn analytics tools may be unnecessary.

But if your brand is more prominent and people are talking about it on LinkedIn, it makes sense to use an external tool.

Final thoughts:

  • Tracking LinkedIn mentions is needed to understand your audience and find potential customers.
  • Media monitoring tools track and analyze every LinkedIn mention (tagged, untagged, and hashtags).
  • The sentiment analysis of LinkedIn mentions is crucial. Negative mentions can destroy your reputation in the business world, so you should respond to them as soon as possible.

Start monitoring LinkedIn mentions right now – try it for free!

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