Everything You Need to Know about YouTube Monitoring

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With 2.7 billion monthly users, YouTube is the second most used social media platform. According to Google Ads, 70% of viewers bought from a brand after seeing content on YouTube. That’s why tracking your brand mentions on this platform is crucial. Let’s explore YouTube monitoring to help your brand stay in the loop.

YouTube monitoring involves tracking and analyzing mentions, comments, and other interactions related to your brand or content on YouTube. It helps you understand how your brand is perceived online. Additionally, you can identify emerging trends, gauge audience sentiment, and measure the impact of your YouTube marketing efforts.

According to Hubspot Marketing Report, videos are most likely to go viral on

  • YouTube (27%),
  • TikTok (24%),
  • Instagram (18%),
  • and Facebook (14%).

Thus, the YouTube app is a perfect place to promote your brand with video content and build your online presence and reputation.

What is YouTube monitoring?

YouTube monitoring involves tracking and analyzing mentions and other interactions related to your brand or content on YouTube. This process informs you how your company is perceived online and helps identify trends, gauge sentiment, and measure your YouTube marketing impact.

By monitoring YouTube activity, you can gain valuable information about audience preferences, engagement levels, and overall performance. This data enables you to make data-driven decisions to optimize your YouTube presence. This way, you will achieve your marketing objectives.

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How to monitor YouTube?

01 Monitor mentions

Monitoring YouTube is crucial for brands and content creators looking to understand their audience. It helps gauge sentiment and track the effectiveness of YouTube presence.

By monitoring mentions on YouTube, you gain valuable insights into how your brand or content is discussed. You can also identify emerging trends and measure the impact of your videos.

Media monitoring tools track public mentions, including hashtags, brand names, and keywords of choice, across YouTube and beyond. Brand24 not only identifies online mentions but also analyzes them. It calculates metrics and statistics for a comprehensive insight into your YouTube app performance.

Brand24 monitors YouTube and other social media platforms: Facebook, Instagram, X (Twitter), LinkedIn, Reddit, Pinterest, TikTok, Quora, Twitch. It also analyzes the web, news sites, blogs, forums, review sites, newsletters, and podcasts.

Brand24 offers extensive coverage, providing valuable insights into your overall performance across platforms. By leveraging direct feedback from your mentions, you can refine your YouTube strategy to cater to your audience’s preferences.

Brand24 dashboard: YouTube monitoring
Brand24 dashboard: YouTube monitoring

Brand24 goes beyond tracking mentions; it also analyzes them. In your main dashboard, you will find the Anomalies Detection feature. This lets you immediately identify any sudden changes in reach or sentiment and their underlying reasons.

The Anomalies Detection feature saves you time and ensures you won’t miss crucial moments in your online performance. With this feature, you can also prevent a PR crisis by promptly identifying any negative reach and sentiment increase.

Brand24: Anomalies Detection AI-powered feature
Brand24: Anomalies Detection AI-powered feature

Thanks to a YouTube monitoring tool, you can:

  • Track brand mentions: Monitor your brand mentions across the web and learn what’s being said about you online.
  • Draw conclusions faster: Use AI-powered features that analyze the data for you and streamline your performance evaluation process.
  • Monitor competitors: Conduct competitor analysis on YouTube. Analyze their content, engagement metrics, and audience sentiments.
Brand24: Competitors comparison: Starbucks vs Costa Coffee
Brand24: Competitors comparison: Starbucks vs Costa Coffee
  • Identify trends: Monitoring popular topics and keywords on YouTube to identify emerging trends in your industry. Tailor your content strategy accordingly and go viral.
Brand24: Topic Analysis for Starbucks
Brand24: Topic Analysis for Starbucks
  • Measure performance: Assess the effectiveness of your video marketing and video performance with YouTube monitoring tools. Check out Online Presence Score, Reputation Score, social media reach, and AVE.
Brand24: Analysis tab
Brand24: Analysis tab
  • Engage with your audience: Respond to mentions to foster a sense of community and build relationships with your viewers.
  • Optimize content strategy: Analyze data from YouTube monitoring tools and refine your content strategy. Identify areas for improvement and optimize future video content for better engagement and reach.

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Brand24 boasts an excellent AI Brand Assistant. It’s a chatbot that can answer all your questions regarding your media monitoring project. It analyzes the collected data for you, providing pure conclusions and actionable insights.

AI Brand Assistant by Brand24
AI Brand Assistant by Brand24

02 Explore YouTube native analytics

YouTube’s native analytics within the app provide valuable insights into the performance of your personal account.

Through YouTube Studio, users can access YouTube metrics such as views, watching time, likes, comments, shares, and subscriber count. This allows for a comprehensive assessment of engagement and audience interaction on your profile.

You can access your statistics from the website or the mobile app, which works both on iOS devices and any Android device.

In YouTube Studio, you have access to detailed comparison metrics. This tool allows you to compare two selected videos and periods, presenting the data in a chart format.

This visual representation aids in understanding your performance and enables you to strategize your content posting more effectively.

Channel and YouTube video analytics
Channel and YouTube video analytics

However, it’s important to note that YouTube’s native analytics have limitations. They do not track sentiment, share of voice, or untagged mentions. Plus, the analysis is confined to the YouTube platform alone.

As a result, it offers a limited overview of your online performance.

For a more comprehensive understanding of your brand’s presence and cross-platform impact, including YouTube, leverage Brand24.

It provides a wide range of metrics and statistics that offer deeper insights and inform strategic decision-making. This ensures a holistic approach to monitoring and analyzing online performance.

Moreover, Brand24 also has an app for both IOS devices and Android. You can access it from any mobile device and know what’s happening around your brand in real time.

03 Monitor the progress of your YouTube videos

Monitoring the progress of your YouTube videos is essential for building a successful channel. While it’s true that you need some investment to grow your account on YouTube, the returns can be significant.

With a substantial presence on YouTube, you can attract a larger audience and increase engagement. What’s more, you can also monetize your content through ads and sponsorships. 

To track the performance of your videos, you can prepare monthly YouTube reports, selecting key metrics for comparison. 

YouTube Studio allows you to compare specific videos.

However, for a comprehensive analysis of your overall reach and online presence, leverage Brand24. This tool monitors not only YouTube but also your broader online performance. It allows you to choose periods for comparison and gain deeper insights into your channel’s growth and impact.

Let’s head to the Comparison Tab. In the right-hand upper corner, you will find the filtering feature. Choose the video category to see the statistics for video platforms alone.

Compare periods Brand24 feature for Shein media monitoring project
Compare periods Brand24 feature for Shein media monitoring project

From February 15 to March 15, 2024, Shein experienced a decline in performance compared to the previous month. The company received over 1200 fewer mentions, with an overall increase in negative sentiment.

Additionally, user-generated content and social media reach decreased during this time frame. As a result of these factors, the company’s Advertising Value Equivalency (AVE) decreased by 19%, dropping from $1.6 million to $1.3 million.

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YouTube monitoring tips

01 Find popular mentions

To see the most relevant mentions, go to the filtering options and sort by popularity. This way, you will see all the mentions that matter the most.

Brand24: popularity filtering
Brand24: popularity filtering

02 Set up alerts

Stay on top with personalized alerts informing you about sudden changes in your project results. Beware of the negative mentions. Their sudden increase may herald a PR crisis. Act swiftly to prevent it.

Brand24: Storm alerts
Brand24: Storm alerts

03 Find the right influencers

Social media monitoring tools find your perfect influencers. Brand24 analyzes who already talks online about your brand and detects individuals with a high Influencer Score.

Brand24: Influencer Analysis
Brand24: Influencer Analysis

Media monitoring tools are a great solution if you want to start your influencer marketing journey.

04 Leverage AI features

Some social media monitoring tools, like Brand24, leverage AI-powered features that analyze the collected data for you, providing the ultimate conclusions.

AI Metrics Analysis by Brand24
AI Metrics Analysis by Brand24

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In general, relying solely on YouTube’s internal analytics can make monitoring your channel’s performance challenging. Supplementing with social media monitoring tools, which track mentions and provide metrics unavailable in YouTube’s internal analytics, can offer a broader perspective.

Final thoughts

  • Monitor mentions to get first-hand insights from your audience.
  • Prepare monthly YouTube reports to track your performance.
  • Use the filtering option to focus on YouTube app results but also monitor the overall cross-platform performance.
  • Discover Online Presence, Reputation Score, social media reach, and AVE through social media monitoring.
  • Streamline YouTube analytics with AI features.

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