How to Increase Organic Reach on Facebook in 2024?

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Facebook users share about 4.75 billion items each day. It’s not easy to win through organic reach, but it’s not impossible. Here are 10 actionable tips tailored to elevate your Facebook page and amplify its reach.

Organic reach refers to the number of unique users who see your content on their news feed without any paid promotion. It’s essentially the free exposure your posts get to your followers and their network.

Top strategies to boost your organic reach:
1. Interact: respond to mentions, hop on trending topics, collaborate
2. Use relevant hashtags
3. Analyze your performance & page insights

We’re all familiar with the challenges of keeping up with the ever-changing Facebook news feed algorithm. Achieving a decent organic reach can feel like an uphill battle, especially with the deluge of Facebook ads saturating social media platforms.

But there’s no need to be pessimistic!

Fortunately, there are several effective strategies for improving your reach on Facebook. And the best part is that they yield measurable results!

Dive in now for invaluable Facebook insights!

Table of contents:

  1. Respond to mentions
  2. Use relevant hashtags
  3. Hop on trending topics
  4. Collaborate with influencers
  5. Analyze performance
  6. Gather your community in one place
  7. Focus on quality content
  8. Leverage different post types
  9. Master video
  10. Post consistently

How to increase reach on Facebook?

Let’s cut right to the chase. Here are the top 10 proven tips to skyrocket your organic reach on Facebook in 2024.

01 Respond to mentions

A great way to boost engagement on your Facebook page is by interacting with your audience when they mention you.

Whether you are a brand or an influencer, people will appreciate your answer when discussing you. Unfortunately, not everyone tags your page when mentioning you, so you may miss some social mentions. To be able to take part in the discussion, you need a media monitoring tool. This type of software tracks keywords of your choice across social platforms and beyond.

Of course, it also works with Facebook.

Here’s the Brand24 social media monitoring tool dashboard:

Coca-Cola media monitoring project by Brand24
Coca-Cola media monitoring project by Brand24

You can use the filtering option on the left-hand side to isolate the mentions from Facebook. In the same place, you will find sentiment filtering, which allows you to focus on positive or negative mentions, depending on what you seek.

What’s excellent about Brand24 is its wide range of AI-powered features. For instance, in your dashboard, you will find the Anomalies Detection. This feature informs you about the reasons behind sudden changes in reach.

Coca-Cola media monitoring project: Anomalies Detection
Coca-Cola media monitoring project: Anomalies Detection

Track mentions with Brand24.

02 Use relevant hashtags 

Knowing how to use trending hashtags on Facebook is crucial for boosting reach. Hashtags categorize your posts and make them discoverable to a wider audience interested in similar topics.

By including popular and relevant hashtags in your posts, you increase the likelihood of them being seen by users who are actively searching or following those hashtags.

To stay ahead of the game and leverage trending hashtags effectively, use Brand24.

With Brand24, you can access the Trending Hashtags feature, which detects the hottest hashtags related to your keywords, allowing you to hop on trends and increase your post visibility.

Relevant hashtags for the Coca-Cola media monitoring project
Relevant hashtags for the Coca-Cola media monitoring project

Boost your organic reach with the right hashtags.

Moreover, the platform provides a discussion context feature, offering insights into the context surrounding talks about your topics of interest. This enables you to engage more meaningfully with your audience.

Context of the discussion for a Coca-Cola monitoring project
Context of the discussion for a Coca-Cola monitoring project

As you can see, the feature also does the sentiment analysis of the most popular keywords. This way, you can quickly learn if the discussion is positive or negative.

Increased reach is not always clearly a good sign. You must make sure that the sentiment of the reach is positive. As you can see in the Coca-Cola social media monitoring project, many people share posts boycotting the company. The situation seems serious as #jype_boycott_genocide is the most used hashtag in the last 30 days. It has generated almost 6k mentions so far. And people don’t seem to be stopping creating posts featuring it.

The sentiment chart clearly shows that the situation is quite severe.

Metrics Analysis by Brand24
Metrics Analysis by Brand24

With this kind of insight at hand, you should prioritize posts explaining the situation. Focus on mitigating the crisis. Undertake decisive measures in your social media marketing and bet on meaningful interactions with your audience.

Not addressing this situation can only worsen it and lead to a full-on PR crisis.

Protect your online reputation with Brand24.

03 Hop on trending topics

What’s the best about social media trends? By leveraging them effectively, you can go viral overnight.

The only issue is that trends change fast. So, how do you know which topics are trending at the moment?

Brand24 makes this easy for you. With AI-powered Topic Analysis, you can quickly identify the most talked-about topics about your brand or industry. This will help you understand what resonates with your audience.

Topic Analysis by Brand24
Topic Analysis by Brand24

Regularly checking the topic analysis for your brand lets you observe the changes in popular topics and always stay on top of your performance.

Employ Brand24 as your social media examiner.

04 Collaborate with influencers

Working with influencers is a great marketing strategy for boosting your Facebook reach. You can leverage their popularity and promote your branded content by tapping into their established audience base.

Influencers have loyal followers who trust their recommendations, making them powerful advocates for your brand. Influencers promoting your content or products on their Facebook profiles expose your brand to a broader audience. This could lead to increased engagement and visibility.

Additionally, influencer collaborations can enhance the credibility and authenticity of your brand, driving organic traffic to your Facebook page.

With Brand24, you can quickly identify and connect with relevant influencers in your niche. Check out the Influencer Analysis tab to learn who already speaks about your brand online.

Influencer Analysis with division by sentiment
Influencer Analysis with division by sentiment

Additionally, look at the Top public profiles & Most active public profiles ranks. You will find them in the Analysis tab.

Fine-tune your influencer collaborations with Brand24.

05 Analyze performance

Enhancing your Facebook reach is crucial, but measuring the effectiveness of your efforts is equally important.

Brand24 offers a user-friendly dashboard where you can easily filter mentions to focus specifically on those originating from Facebook. By doing so, you can access insightful metrics like Reach & Sentiment charts tailored to your Facebook performance. This allows for a thorough examination of your impact on the platform.

Reach chart of Coca-Cola on Facebook by Brand24
Reach chart of Coca-Cola on Facebook by Brand24

Delving deeper into the left filtering menu unveils additional options for refining and analyzing your results. These include filters for sentiment, influencer score, geolocation, intent (such as advocacy or informational), author, importance, and domain.

Advanced filtering feature in Brand24
Advanced filtering feature in Brand24

When you move to the Analysis tab, you’ll find detailed metrics regarding your project. To narrow down the results to the Facebook page, use the filter mentions button and choose Facebook in the advanced settings.

Analysis tab for Coca-Cola monitoring project by Brand24
Analysis tab for Coca-Cola monitoring project by Brand24

There you will find:

  • Number of social media and non-social mentions
  • Estimated social media reach
  • Social media interactions
  • User-generated content
  • AVE
  • Presence Score
  • Reputation Score
  • Number of mentions by category
  • Trending links
  • Most active countries and more!
Coca-Cola Presence Score metric
Coca-Cola Presence Score metric

Analyze your Facebook performance with Brand24.

Brand24 also boasts AI-powered features that simplify the monitoring of the Facebook page. This way, you can get Facebook insights without extensive manual analysis.

With Metrics Analysis, you’ll receive a concise summary of your brand’s online presence. Visually appealing charts and graphs complement it nicely, illustrating the information gathered. The insights cover dominant platforms, sentiment breakdown, reach efficiency, and content type distribution.

Coca-Cola media monitoring project: Metrics Analysis
Coca-Cola media monitoring project: Metrics Analysis

While the wealth of data may seem overwhelming, rest assured that Brand24 has you covered.

Our AI-powered Brand Assistant is at your service, ready to provide data-driven answers to your queries. This ensures seamless navigation and immediate insights without the need for extensive training.

Brand24: AI-powered Brand Assistant
Brand24: AI-powered Brand Assistant

Boost your Facebook fan pages with Brand24.

06 Gather your community in one place

Facebook groups are a powerful tool that you can use for better reach.

When you have all your audience in one place, you ensure that your content will reach genuinely interested people.

Community building can be a long process, but it always pays off in the long run. The algorithm must see that your content is excelling in your social network. Then, it will further recommend your Facebook page.

This way, you can stay on the road, attracting more and more engagement.

Brand24 Social Listening Community on Facebook
Brand24 Social Listening Community on Facebook

If you are interested in media monitoring and social listening, you are more than welcome to join the Brand24 social listening Facebook group. There, you can learn everything about the workings of these practices.

Social media marketers, media monitoring passionates, researchers – everybody is invited to join the Brand24 Facebook group!

07 Focus on quality content

Reach on Facebook is propelled by the reactions to your posts. Any interaction counts: like, comment, save, share, or click on the link. Basically, the more your target audience likes and interacts with your Facebook post, the broader reach opportunities emerge for you.

Another important aspect of your content is its accuracy.

According to Facebook guidelines, all your posts should be “accurate and authentic”. The platform warns that posting any of the following content forms will be punished:

  • Clickbait
  • Engagement bait
  • Watchbait
  • Links to low quality web experiences
  • Low quality video
  • Misleading experiences
  • Misleading content
  • Inauthentic sharing

To avoid shadow banning and cutting reach, post high-quality images and well-proven information. Steer clear from fake news and gossip.

08 Master video content

Video content is the best you can do for your social media strategy. It’s the most engaging form of content, so it holds tremendous potential for an above-average reach on Facebook.

During the making stage, remember to use good sound and sharp images. Video is a powerful form of content marketing, but it’s also a very competitive one. Thus, you need to excel at it if you want to win.

The next step is editing. Think about music and special effects that could make your video more engaging.

Finally, there’s publishing. Craft a great description with relevant keywords. This way, you will attract the right target audience.

I need to tell you one more thing about the video content on social media channels.

Did you know that over 80% of people watch videos with sound off?

That’s why subtitles are crucial if you want people to engage with your video content.

One trick I see a lot on social media is adding captions only to the video’s opening seconds. If you intrigue your audience, they will turn on the sound and watch till the end.

Why this may be a better strategy than adding subtitles throughout the video?

Because reading becomes tiring at some point, you risk losing the watcher’s interest. The above-mentioned content strategy seamlessly convinces your audience to turn on the sound.

Improve your reach with Brand24 and generate leads.

09 Leverage different post types

If you want to win Facebook’s organic reach, consider different post types. Differentiation of your visual content is important not only for the algorithm but also for Facebook users.

It’s a win-win situation. Your audience will appreciate diverse content forms, and you can trigger the Facebook algorithm and gain exposure.

As I mentioned, video content can guarantee you a competitive advantage. Thus, your marketing strategy should include Facebook stories and Facebook live videos.

The former is one of the best methods for a broad reach. Often, well-crafted stories become more popular than regular Facebook posts. They are ephemeral, so they can present a less curated image of your brand or company.

The latter is a great way to connect personally with your audience. Live videos are spaces where you can communicate directly with your followers. You can gain their trust and respect by answering their questions in real time.

Besides the video formats, you can choose from a wide range of Facebook post types. You should try out:

  • Text posts
  • High-quality images
  • Facebook native videos – often rewarded by the platform
  • Quotes
  • Polls
  • Open-ended questions
  • GIFs
  • Promoting a blog post
Creating content: embedding GIFs in your Facebook posts
Creating content: embedding GIFs in your Facebook posts

Polls and open-ended questions are especially useful for boosting reach. They encourage your audience to interact with your Facebook page. When you get a lot of reactions, the Facebook algorithm places your post in more news feeds as it sees that it’s relevant and engaging.

Polls in Facebook groups enhance reach
Polls in Facebook groups enhance reach

Remember to include a call to action in the description, regardless of the post format. This way, you can nudge your audience to perform a specific action to impact your Facebook content reach positively.

Here are a few examples of a call to action you could use on Facebook:

  • Visit our business page to read more about this!
  • Create your own posts with our hashtag and tag us!
  • Read the entire blog post on our website!
  • Follow us on other social media channels!
  • Comment what you think about this!

10 Post consistently

Facebook guidelines state that to increase your reach on Facebook, you need to post content more often and do it consistently. They recommend posting daily to maximize your Facebook page’s visibility.

The logic behind this is that most people use social media every day. Thus, if you post daily, you increase the chances that your post will appear in their news feed.

But even if you cannot post daily, you can achieve a great reach.

Most importantly, always choose quality over quantity. 2-3 relevant posts per week will definitely do better than daily posts but of no value.

When you focus on quality content, you can compensate for the lower posting frequency.

How does this work?

When you post occasionally, but your Facebook posts are always relevant to your target audience, they will interact with your Facebook page. As a result, it will be displayed to their Facebook friends, increasing your reach.

How to measure Facebook reach?

Measuring reach on Facebook is a piece of cake if you have the right tools!

With Brand24, you set up a media monitoring project and observe the reach chart.

Brand24: measuring reach on Facebook
Brand24: measuring reach on Facebook

If any sudden reach changes happen, the tool will inform you with our Anomalies Detection feature. When an exclamation mark icon appears on your chart, click it for a detailed justification. Anomalies Detection also tells you which people engage the most with your content, causing the most significant reach spikes.

That’s also a way of identifying influencers.

This feature also detects negative reach, so it helps identify your most dissatisfied customers. By contacting them on time, you can prevent a PR crisis and stop the negativity from spreading around the internet.

Social media marketing made easy with Brand24.

There’s also the Facebook native creator studio. It is a tool that allows creators to manage and analyze their content across Facebook and Instagram in one centralized platform.

Besides measuring reach, it offers a range of other features. It includes scheduling posts, managing comments and messages, accessing audience insights, and analytics of content performance. It’s also the place where you’ll find the ads manager.

One downside of this solution is that it doesn’t work holistically. The tool analyzes your performance on Facebook and Instagram, but you won’t learn about your performance beyond them.

Additionally, the analysis is less detailed and provides fewer insights and metrics compared with Brand24 social listening.

What kinds of Facebook reach are there?

There are 3 types of Facebook reach: organic, viral, and paid.

Facebook organic reach

Organic reach refers to the number of unique users who see your content on their news feed without any paid promotion. It’s the free exposure your posts get to your followers and their network.

Facebook viral reach

Viral reach occurs when people engage with your content by sharing it with their network, thereby extending its reach organically beyond your immediate audience. It results from your content being shared and reshared across Facebook, reaching a wider audience through user-generated promotion.

Facebook paid reach

This type of reach involves using a Facebook advertising platform to promote your content to a targeted audience. Paid reach allows you to extend your content’s visibility beyond your existing followers. With Facebook ads, you can display your content to specific demographics, interests, or behaviors selected during ad creation.

It’s a way to ensure your content reaches the desired audience, albeit through paid means.

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Why Facebook organic content is weakening?

There are 3 main reasons for organic Facebook posts losing their meaning:

  1. Content flood: today, almost everybody is a creator. Over 500,000 comments and nearly 300,000 statuses are posted on Facebook every minute. Obviously, not everything can be displayed to everybody because it’s simply too much.
  2. Paid reach: organic posts will mostly lose to paid advertising. Let’s be real, platforms are getting paid to display these posts primarily, and that’s what they do. A Facebook ad, by definition, is meant to reach a custom audience and have a broad reach. But it doesn’t rule out reaching the same audience and results through organic reach. You must be smart about it and follow a proven social media strategy.
  3. Personalized news feeds: did you know that you don’t see all the posts that your friends and people you follow share? It’s because everyone on Facebook has a personalized news feed. Based on the user behavior, the Facebook algorithm displays things it assumes you are the most interested in. If you don’t interact much with a Facebook page you follow, you won’t see all the posts they publish.

Should you embrace organic posts in your social media strategy?


I know I’ve just said that the organic content on Facebook is weakening, but I wouldn’t call it useless yet. You can still drive impact for traffic and engagement from Facebook organically. That’s why you shouldn’t abandon it in your marketing strategy.

You just need to follow proven tips and Facebook insights to make sure that your Facebook marketing is best optimized for organic reach.

Scroll up to discover the best Facebook tips for organic reach!

Create relevant content with Brand24 insights.

Who will see my Facebook post in their news feed?

Facebook algorithm is unpredictable.

In the past, everybody would see all the posts of the people and pages they follow in their news feeds.

Today, it’s completely different.

The algorithm tries to understand what you like and show you the most of it. The more engagement you put to a particular Facebook page or profile, the more content from it you will see in your feed.

This means that not all your followers will be notified when you post something. That’s why Facebook has introduced the option to favorite some of the profiles you follow. By encouraging your followers to do this, you ensure they won’t miss out on your posts.


In conclusion, navigating the vast ocean of content on Facebook poses a challenge for boosting organic reach. However, as we’ve explored throughout this article, it’s not impossible to overcome.

This article outlined 10 actionable tips tailored to elevate your Facebook page and amplify its reach. By implementing them, you can make significant strides in maximizing your organic reach.

When you create content, each strategy plays a vital role in achieving success:

  1. Interacting with your audience
  2. Using relevant hashtags
  3. Analyzing your performance with social listening tools
  4. Collaborating with influencers
  5. Leveraging trends
  6. Posting relevant content

These strategies offer a pathway to increasing organic reach and fostering meaningful engagement with your audience.

Boost your Facebook reach with Brand24 analytics.

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