How to Collect Customer Reviews Examples Effectively

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Why are positive reviews important? 93% of consumers claim that online reviews influence their purchasing decisions. 89% of customers choose businesses that respond to all their online reviews. Learn how to leverage positive reviews and effectively manage negative ones to enhance your reputation.

In today’s digital age, positive consumer reviews are more than just a testament to your business’s excellence—they’re a backbone of success.

But how do you ensure you’re not just receiving reviews but also maximizing their impact?

This guide explains positive reviews management, from collection strategies to effective response tactics.

Learn why positive reviews are essential, practical tips for collecting them, and strategies for amplifying their reach. I also advise on handling both positive and negative opinions.

Whether you’re a seasoned business owner or just starting out, you’re in the right place. This article equips you with the insights and tools to turn satisfied customers into powerful advocates.

Let’s unlock the secrets to leveraging positive reviews for success in today’s competitive marketplace!

Why do you need positive reviews examples?

Nowadays, most people read online reviews. Potential customers will check your business reviews before they choose a restaurant, commit to a subscription, or purchase an item. Based on them, they will decide whether to choose you or your competitors.

There’s only one problem with online reviews.

Customers often leave negative feedback spontaneously and of their own accord. For instance, when they are upset about your product or feel misled by your sales team. With positive reviews, it’s a bit tougher. People leave positive reviews less frequently. Sometimes, they intend to do it but keep forgetting.

Because of this prosaic reason, you need to take things into your own hands and encourage your customers to leave positive reviews for your company.

Online reviews work as social proof, propelling more sales and attracting new customers. They also impact your positioning in search engines. It’s because they contain relevant keywords that prospective customers are looking for and drive traffic to your website.

How to collect positive customer reviews?

As we’ve already said, you need positive review examples for your business. Here’s a list of the best ways to collect customer feedback examples.

01 Social media monitoring

Media monitoring tools are very helpful in collecting all kinds of online reviews. To make a start, you need to set up a media monitoring project with keywords of your choice. Choose the name of your company and some popular hashtags to monitor your company’s mentions.

Here’s an example. To set up social media monitoring for Nike, besides the company name, I would add #JustDoIt and #swoosh. This way, the tool will collect a broader range of social media reviews and user-generated content.

Brand24 dashboard for Nike media monitoring project
Brand24 dashboard for Nike media monitoring project

Brand24 goes beyond just collecting positive reviews and flagging critical comments. It empowers you to engage directly with your customers by responding to their mentions. You can address any concerns promptly and deliver exceptional customer service.

Start media monitoring with Brand24.

Remember, it’s equally important to acknowledge and respond to positive reviews. Doing so strengthens customer relationships and demonstrates your commitment to providing outstanding service.

In addition to gathering negative and positive reviews, Brand24 captures neutral reviews. Engaging with those can potentially sway potential customers in your favor.

Brand24’s capabilities extend even further.

The platform offers actionable metrics and insights into your online performance, including sentiment analysis, Reputation Score, and Presence Scores. Effectively utilizing these metrics enables you to protect your online reputation.

Reputation Score of Nike counted by Brand24
Reputation Score of Nike counted by Brand24

Customers won’t always share their opinions directly with you. Many opt to express their thoughts online, often anonymously. To address this challenge, Brand24 offers Anomalies Detection and other AI-powered insights to identify any significant shifts in your online reputation promptly.

Topic Analysis for Nike monitoring by Brand24
Topic Analysis for Nike monitoring by Brand24

This means you won’t have to sift through countless comments and posts to gauge sentiment – our metrics will alert you to potential risks to your customer relationships.

Emotion Analysis of Nike by Brand24
Emotion Analysis of Nike by Brand24

Collect social proof with Brand24!

02 Request feedback directly

Requesting feedback directly from your customers is a proactive approach to gathering valuable insights into customers’ experiences. By reaching out via email or social media, you demonstrate your commitment to customer satisfaction and providing excellent service.

This way, you show that you value your consumers’ opinions.

Direct communication allows you to address any issues promptly, turning negative experiences into positive ones.

Moreover, personalized requests can encourage customers to share their own thoughts, leading to more authentic and detailed reviews.

Customer reviews of this kind are among the most insightful. There’s only one problem. You need to motivate your customers to participate in your survey.

Unfortunately, most customer satisfaction surveys meet low engagement.

Did you know an average email survey gets less than a 25% response rate?

If that’s your case and you struggle to motivate your customers to leave feedback, you can try indirect feedback collection methods. One is media monitoring.

How does it work?

A dedicated tool collects what has been said online about your brand. All the mentions are then displayed in one place – your dashboard.

Collect positive review examples with Brand24.

03 Be on online review websites

There are many different online review sites. You should choose one or more of them based on your industry. There are Google reviews, Trip Advisor, Capterra, Yelp, Amazon, and many more.

Third-party services are beneficial for building your business’s online reputation.

Reviews from external websites are more reliable as the brand cannot curate them. Thus, these online reviews impact your credibility considerably.

Of course, showcasing positive reviews on your website is also crucial. However, savvy consumers understand you’ll likely highlight only the positive feedback.

With third-party online review sites, there’s way more transparency and authenticity.

Google reviews

The most popular place to leave reviews is, of course, Google. It’s also the first place people look for reviews of a particular place or company. That’s why you should definitely have your Google business profile to accumulate positive reviews on this powerful platform.

A positive review from Google reviews
A positive review from Google reviews

Google reviews have a significant role, mainly due to its integration with Google Maps. Individuals interested in choosing a local business nearby can effortlessly peruse reviews to select a spot with optimal convenience. That’s why a Google business profile will significantly benefit a local business.

Facebook reviews

Facebook has been a growing review platform in recent years. It’s one of the handiest solutions, as most people already have an account there. They can quickly leave reviews there without setting up multiple accounts on dedicated review sites.

Negative Zara reviews on the company's Facebook profile
Negative Zara reviews on the company’s Facebook profile

Capterra & G2

Capterra and G2 are robust platforms offering businesses the opportunity to collect and showcase positive reviews examples.

Capterra, focusing on software and business services, provides a dedicated space for users to share their experiences, helping prospective clients make informed decisions.

On the other hand, G2 encompasses a broader spectrum, offering reviews and insights across various industries.

Brand24 on G2 reviews platorm
Brand24 on G2 reviews platorm

Both platforms empower businesses to build credibility through authentic user feedback, contributing to a transparent and trustworthy online presence. Integrating these platforms into your review strategy can significantly enhance your brand’s reputation and visibility.

Build a positive online reputation with Brand24.


Amazon is one of the largest e-commerce platforms globally, offering a vast array of products across numerous categories. It is a hub for reviews, allowing shoppers to share their experiences and opinions on purchased products. With millions of reviews, Amazon provides valuable insights into product quality, functionality, and overall customer satisfaction.

Businesses selling on Amazon can leverage these reviews to build credibility, highlight the strengths of their products, and address any concerns or issues customers raise.

Additionally, reviews on Amazon can significantly impact a product’s visibility and sales. Thus, businesses must monitor and engage actively with customer feedback on the platform.

Amazon is an extensive platform for product reviews but not an exhaustive one. Today, people prefer to share good reviews and recommendations on social media rather than fill in satisfaction forms.

That’s why media monitoring is handy. Especially if you have a dedicated website besides your Amazon shop. In this case, you can find good reviews and use them as testimonials for future customers.

Amazon reviews: Stanley cup trending on TikTok
Amazon reviews: Stanley cup trending on TikTok

With Brand24, you can also monitor the online performance of your shop, brand, or products. You can measure satisfaction and customers’ perception of your brand and stay alert to any changes.

You may also discover your product trending on social media and among influencers. By leveraging this success, you can gain even more recognition and drive bigger revenue.

Find your happy customers with Brand24.

Trip Advisor

TripAdvisor is a widely recognized platform where customers share their experiences and opinions about various businesses, particularly in the travel and hospitality industries.

TripAdvisor allows businesses to collect customer reviews and feedback directly from their patrons. Companies can leverage these reviews to showcase their strengths and enhance their reputation and credibility among potential customers.

And what to do when you get a negative review?

Reply politely, apologize, and try to solve the problem. You can also offer some compensation if the mistake was on your side.

Some businesses try to subvert their customers’ negative opinions and leverage them to their benefit..

Subverting a bad review from Trip Advisor
Subverting a bad review from Trip Advisor

Does it work?

For sure, for some niches, primarily if you target young people.

Other than that, be very careful not to offend your customers. That could cause massive reputation damage to your company and would require strategic social media crisis management.


Yelp is a popular online review platform that enables customers to share their experiences and opinions about businesses across various industries.

With millions of reviews spanning restaurants, retail stores, and service providers, Yelp is a valuable resource for consumers seeking recommendations.

Amsterdam Schiphol airport review on Yelp
Amsterdam Schiphol airport review on Yelp

For businesses, Yelp offers a platform to collect positive review examples, which can influence their online reputation and visibility.

It’s an excellent platform for reaching new customers as people look for recommendations there. This means that every good customer review brings you closer to more potential customers and more reviews. & Airbnb and Airbnb are leading platforms in the travel and accommodation industry, providing travelers with a wide range of options worldwide. Both platforms allow users to review and rate based on their experiences with various accommodations. The websites use review response templates, ensuring that review responses cover all essential details for potential customers.

Review of a hotel on
Review of a hotel on

These consumer reviews serve as valuable insights for future travelers, helping them make informed booking decisions. Businesses listed on and Airbnb can benefit greatly from positive reviews as they contribute to increased bookings. Positive feedback praising exceptional service helps build customer relationships. This, in turn, enhances the visibility of a property.

By actively monitoring and responding to customer feedback on these platforms, businesses can enhance their reputation, promptly address any concerns or issues, and ultimately improve the overall guest experience.

Every business owner can see the proportion of bad and good reviews and how good customer service is, which is crucial for potential customers.

04 Videos

Today, videos are the most potent form of content. No matter whether long or short, live or pre-recorded, on TikTok or YouTube. People love videos, especially the review ones.

A video positive review example is the best that can happen to your business.

Unlike written reviews, video testimonials provide a more personal and engaging way for customers to share their experiences with a product or service. Video reviews offer authenticity and credibility, as viewers can see and hear firsthand reviews from real customers.

Apple watch video reviews on TikTok
Apple watch video reviews on TikTok

Additionally, video content tends to be more memorable and shareable, making it a powerful tool to showcase brands and offerings. By encouraging customers to submit video reviews, businesses can strengthen their online presence, build trust with potential customers, and create a deeper connection with their audience.

How to encourage a video customer review?

You can organize a challenge or a contest. Promoting the action on your social media and offering prizes will work best. These can be vouchers, discount codes, free items, or features of the best posts on your website.

Monitor user-generated content with Brand24.

05 Case studies, quotes, testimonials

Case studies, quotes, and testimonials are all valuable tools for collecting feedback and reviews. Each serves a distinct purpose in showcasing the experiences and satisfaction of customers.

Case studies

Case studies provide in-depth analyses of specific customer experiences, detailing challenges faced, solutions implemented, and outcomes achieved. They offer a comprehensive view of how a product or service can address real-world needs and deliver tangible results.


Quotes are concise and impactful statements directly from customers, highlighting key benefits of a product or service. They are often used to add credibility and persuasive power to marketing materials.

Discovering impactful quotes is made easy with the Quotes tab within the Brand24 media monitoring tool. This feature identifies your most notable mentions. It transforms them into visually captivating quotes, ready to be effortlessly shared across your social media platforms or integrated into your website.

Quotes feature in the Brand24 dashboard
Quotes feature in the Brand24 dashboard


Testimonials are longer-form endorsements from satisfied customers, sharing their overall experience and satisfaction with a product or service. Testimonials can include personal anecdotes, detailed feedback, and emotional responses. This provides a more comprehensive perspective on customer satisfaction.

Media monitoring for case studies, quotes, and testimonials

With media monitoring, businesses can identify happy customers willing to participate in case studies, provide quotes, or offer testimonials. By monitoring online conversations and sentiment, companies can identify opportunities to engage with satisfied customers and leverage their positive experiences to bolster brand credibility and attract new customers.

Positive review templates

If you want your customers to share positive experience in the form of a case study, a testimonial, or a quote, you can use positive review templates. These outlines guide your customers through the categories you want them to rate.

Positive review templates empower you to navigate the reviews your clients leave.

But of course, it’s not about telling your customers what they are supposed to write. Instead, it suggests which aspects you would like them to consider.

A great advantage of this approach is that leaving a positive review will be easier for your customers.

Here’s an example of a template suggesting which aspects to mention subsequently:

  1. (In the past) we used to… – showcase the past situation
  2. And normally/usually/every day… – elaborate on the past habits
  3. Then one day… – introduction of a problem
  4. Because of this … – the impact of the issue on the company’s working
  5. This led to…– the consequences of the problem
  6. We tried…– ineffective solutions discussed
  7. Until one day…– introduction of the perfect solution
  8. And ever since that day… – what changed after implementing the solution

You can also have a way simpler template like:

  1. Description a problem
  2. The solutions tried
  3. The perfect solution found
  4. Benefits of having the problem solved

Of course, you should adjust the positive review template to your needs. The shorter the outline, the more initiative you leave to your customer. Longer outlines mention many details that the customer needs to assess. This, on the one hand, leads to nice and precise reviews, but on the other, it leaves little space for the customer’s own thoughts.

06 Collaborate with brand ambassadors and influencers

Collaborating with brand ambassadors and influencers can significantly enhance your efforts in collecting reviews. These online icons influence their audiences and can authentically promote your products or services. Influencers can also encourage their followers to share experiences and leave a positive review for your brand.

This way, you attract even more customers and build the trust and credibility of your brand.

How do you find influencers?

Nothing easier when you have Brand24 at hand!

When looking for influencers for your brand, it’s best to choose somebody who already knows and loves your products or services. With media monitoring and social listening features, Brand24 detects all user-generated content about your brand. Browsing through mentions, you can easily find genuine advocates for your brand.

Positive mentions of Urban Outfitters detected by Brand24
Positive mentions of Urban Outfitters detected by Brand24

Additionally, you can explore:

  • Influencers tab
  • Influencer analysis
  • Top public profiles rank
  • Most active public profiles rank
Influencer analysis of Urban Outfitters by Brand24
Influencer analysis of Urban Outfitters by Brand24

Once you’ve identified suitable influencers, reach out and propose collaboration to further amplify your brand’s reach and impact.

Detect user-generated content with Brand24.

How to get more positive reviews?

Getting more positive reviews involves a strategic approach that values customer feedback.

You can reward customers for their valuable input. Consider offering discounts or exclusive deals as a token of appreciation. Gentle reminders, especially post-purchase, significantly increase the likelihood of customers sharing their experiences.

Showcase positive review examples to incentivize others and create a positive atmosphere around your brand. Ensure the process of leaving feedback is straightforward, eliminating any barriers to entry. You should also inform how long it will take to leave reviews or fill in a feedback form.

Timing is crucial—asking for reviews right after a successful transaction capitalizes on the customer’s positive experience, increasing the chances of receiving glowing testimonials.

Effective review management

It’s best to have one command center for effective review responses management. Media monitoring tools work exactly this way.

After you provide keywords you are interested in, such tools start searching the net on the lookout for your chosen phrases. All the results will be gathered in your dashboard with immediate access and analysis.

Iphone14 media monitoring project by Brand24
Iphone14 media monitoring project by Brand24

Brand24 measures various metrics from your mentions, from sentiment analysis to AI-powered insights like Topic, Emotion, and Metrics Analysis. This valuable information gives you a broader picture of your online performance and reputation.

Metrics analysis for Iphone14 media monitoring project by Brand24
Metrics analysis for Iphone14 media monitoring project by Brand24

The best part is that you can monitor the changes in your metrics in time. That’s how you learn about the impact of different campaigns and media activities on your reviews.

Try a review management tool!

How to avoid negative reviews?

One effective strategy is proactively identifying dissatisfied customers and preventing negative opinions on your profile. Frequently, customers turn to reviews as a last resort. Initially, they contacted the customer service team, seeking a resolution.

However, when their concerns are repeatedly overlooked, frustrated customers may resort to leaving negative opinions. This scenario is not uncommon; during attempts to resolve issues amicably, customers often encounter silence from the company.

The challenge lies in the fact that customer feedback might not always appear in your DMs or with an official account tag. Customers frequently share their grievances on platforms like X (Twitter) without directly mentioning or tagging your brand.

Fortunately, there’s a solution—social listening tools.

Utilizing Brand24, you can effortlessly engage in social listening by monitoring keywords relevant to your industry and brand. This ensures you will notice all crucial mentions, allowing you to address concerns promptly.

That’s a straightforward way to turn dissatisfied clients into happy customers. As a result, you may even receive a positive review for your helpfulness!

How to respond to negative reviews?

While everybody prefers to receive positive reviews, remember to respond to all your reviews no matter the satisfaction level.

By taking up a negative review response, you present your commitment to improvement. You show that you care about the customer experience and want to fix all the shortcomings.

With a positive review response, you share appreciation and thankfulness. Your customers took time to leave positive reviews for your business. You shouldn’t take that for granted.

When it comes to negative reviews, constructive feedback is not bad. It actually can be very beneficial for your business as it indicates the areas for improvement. You get room for action when someone leaves a precise review pinpointing what went wrong.

Customer reviews examples: Negative rating of a restaurant and the owner's answer
Negative rating of a restaurant and the owner’s answer

Based on this valuable feedback, you can streamline processes in your company, improve product quality, or educate your employees to improve your poor customer service for prospective customers.

You should respond to the review by apologizing for the bad experience. At the same time, express appreciation for the feedback and declare what steps your company will take to resolve the problem.

This way, when your potential customers see the review, they won’t get discouraged. Instead, they will know you care about your customer experience and respect your clients.

Keep an eye on negative reviews with Brand24!

Unconstructive negative reviews

Unfortunately, not all negative reviews are constructive. Let’s be honest: some people just had a bad day, and it backfired on you.

When that’s the case, you can only apologize and try to mitigate the situation. It takes a lot of work to answer calmly to negative feedback that is entirely unconstructive. Sometimes, people pour out their anger, not saving any words.

Do not let them throw you off balance! The worst thing you could do is start to argue with the feedback.

The customer is always right, remember?

Once again, apologize; answer calmly and to the point. Don’t leave space for extra discussion. And never dare to delete online reviews! If the author realizes it, they may start a war and destroy your online reputation.

Here’s a great example of why you should answer your reviews. Look how this pizza restaurant explains the situation and wins people’s sympathy and liking.

Negative unconstructive review and the company owner's reply
Negative unconstructive review and the company owner’s reply

Thanks to the owner’s explanation, it becomes clear that the customer review is unfair.

It’s actually unbelievable how this story ended up. The review, together with the response, went viral and even became a meme!

People who learned about the situation felt terrible for the restaurant and the staff member who had a seizure. Many decided to show their support and express care for the worker’s health.

Positive review example: compensation for the unfair review
Positive review example: compensation for the unfair review

That’s just one positive review compensating for the unfair review, but there are way more!

This case shows the importance of communication between the brand and its customers. It’s also a lesson that you can often turn a negative opinion into something good. Especially if it’s a negative comment that you didn’t deserve.

PS. Note that the company answered both the negative and the positive review.

Monitor your online reputation with Brand24!

Is it necessary to respond to positive reviews?

Very often, positive reviews are ignored. People see positive customer reviews, smile to themselves, and respond nothing.

There are better strategies than that.

With a positive review response, you show your customers that their feedback is valued and appreciated. This way, you encourage more reviews and attract more potential customers.

Company responding to a good review
Company responding to a good review

For sure, say thank you for the valuable feedback. You can also add a sentence or two about your motivation to provide exceptional customer service and top-notch customer experience. Mention that you are looking forward to the person’s next visit or purchase for building brand loyalty.

Positive review response examples
Positive review response examples

What to do with positive reviews?

Positive reviews should have a special display on your website. You can use them as testimonials to prove you have many satisfied customers. This strategy is especially effective for convincing new customers to try your product or service.

You can also go one step further and ask the author of the positive review for a case study proving your business’s utility.

What makes a good review?

A positive review is not always a good review. Why?

A good review is a substantive, concrete opinion that describes outstanding service or experience. It’s not enough that a customer marked 5/5 stars and wrote nothing.

This, of course, is a positive review, but it lacks charisma and won’t be very persuasive for prospective customers.

Example of a review of little value for a business
Example of a review of little value for a business

The best are detailed reviews describing positive customer experience including photos and videos. It’s fantastic if such positive reviews discuss at least a few positive aspects of the experience.

Customer reviews examples: a good review of The Ship pub
Example of a good review of The Ship pub

There’s one more thing that makes a good review.

It’s nice if a happy customer mentions the name of the place/company they are rating. Otherwise, it may turn out that the review was not meant for you but for your competitor or a completely different company with a similar name.

McDonald's review response to a customer who mistakenly identified it as Burger King
McDonald’s review response to a customer who mistakenly identified it as Burger King

How to use positive review response templates?

Using positive review response templates might seem straightforward, but it’s crucial to proceed with caution, especially when considering automated response systems.

Pamela Maass, a lawyer and influencer specializing in legal education, learned this lesson the hard way. Following the release of her book, which garnered much positive feedback, Pamela implemented a bot responding to comments on her Instagram. The bot’s algorithm was programmed to detect the word “book” in comments and reply with a generic message of gratitude.

Unfortunately, Pamela’s audience quickly caught on to the automated responses and began leaving nonsensical and offensive comments containing the keyword “book” to provoke the bot’s automatic reply.

Failed positive review response examples
Failed positive review response examples

Thankfully, Pamela recognized the issue promptly and took action to address the situation by cleaning up the comment section.

This example emphasizes the importance of thorough implementation when utilizing positive review response automation. Simply relying on single-word detection is inadequate; a more nuanced approach, such as sentiment analysis, may be necessary to ensure that automated responses align with the tone and context of the comments.

Ultimately, it’s essential to remember that while templates can streamline the response process, customers prefer personalized and authentic interactions. They usually take that very seriously, seeing more potential in real humans to provide excellent customer service. This contributes enormously to a positive user experience.

Provide excellent customer service with Brand24.

Key takeaways from the customer reviews examples

  • Understand the importance of positive reviews in shaping consumer perception and driving purchasing decisions.
  • Employ various strategies such as social media monitoring tools, direct feedback requests, and active presence on online review platforms to collect good reviews.

Monitor your brand reviews with Brand24.

  • Enhance your review management practices by promptly addressing feedback, both positive and negative. Leverage insights to improve your products or services.
  • Proactively mitigate bad reviews by delivering exceptional service and resolving issues promptly and effectively.
  • Respond to critique with empathy, professionalism, and a commitment to addressing customer concerns and rectifying shortcomings.
  • Recognize the value of responding to positive reviews, as it fosters customer loyalty, strengthens brand reputation, and encourages continued engagement.
  • Utilize positive reviews as valuable marketing assets by showcasing them on your website, social media channels, and marketing materials.
  • Understand the elements of a good review, including specificity, authenticity, and relevance. Encourage customers to provide detailed and honest feedback.
  • Leverage various content formats such as videos, case studies, quotes, and testimonials to showcase positive customer experiences and your exceptional service.
  • Collaborate with brand ambassadors and influencers to amplify the reach and impact of your positive reviews. Leverage their influence to attract new customers and drive sales.

Get your positive review examples now!

A wealth of positive reviews increases your brand’s visibility and credibility. By implementing effective feedback management strategies and leveraging platforms like social media and online review websites, you can amplify positive feedback and engage with your audience.

Remember to respond to feedback with professionalism and empathy to demonstrate your commitment to excellent service.

Leveraging various content formats such as videos and testimonials can further enhance your brand’s reputation.

Unsure how to encourage customers to write reviews? Try media monitoring to detect and manage online feedback effectively.

Start collecting your brand reviews today.

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