Social Media Monitoring That Will Change Your Sales For Good

April 9, 2015 ・ 4 min read

Internet monitoring is useful not only in big companies and corporations, that operate globally, but also in small and medium enterprises (even those which has been set up recently). Except for a standard utilization of monitoring tool, like analyzing opinion about own brands, there are also many other applications, which are mentioned below.

Keep Your Finger on the Pulse

Most of all, monitoring of published content is useful to prevent crises. Tracking mentions enables us to be up-to-date with what and how Internet users write about us. As a business owners, we should keep our finger on the pulse all the time. If someone writes about us in unflattering way, we can immediately check out who publishes such information and clarify the issue. In this way we can avoid negative mentions to get around.

Pitch Your Sales

Besides, while running a business, we can use Internet monitoring to build brand awareness on the market. If we are starting our operation, naturally, we might not know where and how to advertise our services. By searching for proper places of discussion we can reach out to Internet users, that are our prospects and tell them about our product. It is one of the cheapest ways of advertisement and it does not require high budget nor costly campaigns.

It is worth listening to what Internet users have to say and interact with them. In this way you can show your openness and readiness to help in choosing the right product. New potential customers will certainly appreciate that we are available for the asking (or for one clicking in the Internet).

Another good idea is to use unusual communication channels to reach our prospects – I mean a contest or gifts giveaway with utilization of monitoring. We just need attuned hashtag or catchword, in order to gather a base of users, in which one will be elected as a winner.

Slogans not necessarily have to be directly related to our operation. If we run a store with musical instruments, we can give strings as a gift to an Internet user who wrote that had played the guitar since 7-years old, or a discount for developing photos in our studio to a fledgling blogger who complained about poor service in other place, or a package with gluten-free products to a person who was forced to change diet immediately after finding out about celiac disease and sharing this information on a dedicated forum.

Real Time Interaction

It is good to monitor entries to reach out to content related to our brand, so as to answer users’ questions in a real time. Thus if a query or doubt related to product usage, we can immediately react and clarify unsolved issues. Direct contacts can influence brand loyalty rise, so we should remember that it is worth engaging in all mentions that concern us in any way. Internet users, while seeing our activity, will quickly notice that it is easy to reach to our company’s representatives and when the time for buying decision comes there is a high chance that they will plump for our product.

Product Development

Internet entries might also be a valuable clue for what we should introduce to our offer. Thanks to published insights we can often discover, what really our clients need and then adjust products and services to meet their expectations. Repeatedly, Internet users are the source for information what the market is missing. It may sometimes solve petty problems, like the lack of lemon ice-cream in a confectionery, but Internet users also raise questions about important issues, like information about potential danger that using a given product may carry etc. So let’s try to be open for other people’s ideas and embrace what others tell us – Internet users’ entries might be a treasure house of useful knowledge!

The Power of Influencers

Internet monitoring might be also helpful in searching for brand ambassadors (or other influential people in the Web), who will tell others about our company or recommend it to the rest of Internet users. The best advertisement that the company can have is word of mouth and positive opinion from people from outside of a company, that is ordinary Internet users, who influence others’ views. Similar practices can be easily transferred into sales results. You need only few steps to engage Internet users to discussion, which can help you then develop a base of people who are potentially interested in your brand. It is worth contacting them and presenting your offer and conditions of cooperation.

Watch Your Competition

By checking out entries about competing companies, we can control online what is going on in our industry and properly respond to new campaigns or ads. Comparing our offer against other companies and adjusting to market need comes much easier thanks to monitoring. In addition, we can check if competitors get rid of negative opinions about them.

In conclusion, a range of Internet monitoring application is extremely wide. Small effort that we put into tracking mentions may translate into real profit in the form of bigger brand awareness among customers and also new contacts and better sales figures.