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Awario and Brand24 are both considered affordable media monitoring tools, but even though their pricing is slightly similar, they definitely differ. Is Brand24 a good alternative to Awario? Which brand monitoring tool should you choose? You will find all answers inside this article.

Awario alternatives

The aim of this article is to compare two affordable media monitoring tools – Awario and Brand24, and find out if they are good alternatives to each other as well as what makes them different. This research will help you choose between those two solutions by finding out more about them. 

Looking for media monitoring alternatives to Awario? Keep reading.

Awario alternatives: Overview

Brand24 is a powerful media monitoring tool that offers analytical and reporting features. It can be used for various purposes, thus thousands of all-sized businesses use it every day to monitor customer conversations about them, engage with their customers, track user reviews, manage their reputation, build relationships with clients or measure their social media campaigns and discover insights. 

Brand24 is a social listening tool that can also serve for improving social media marketing, digital marketing, market research, analyzing the audience, reputation management, lead generation, improving customer experience, or customer support, and monitoring your competitors.

Brand24 offers more than the possibility than to just monitor your brand.

Brand24 is an affordable yet advanced tool. It is a golden mean between cheap solutions that do not offer enough data and overpriced ones that are mostly targeted to big companies. Brand24 is perfect for small or medium-sized businesses, agencies, and enterprises that decide to choose it over more expensive solutions. 

Awario is a social listening and analytics tool, that serves almost identical purposes to Brand24. It is a monitoring tool that helps to track brand mentions, monitor competitors, analyze online conversations about a brand, find sales opportunities and influencers, and engage with the target audience online.

Awario is a great fit for both small to medium businesses looking to track brand mentions, monitor competitors, and find sales opportunities; and agencies looking to do the same for their clients.

Awario and Brand24 right away seem to be similar. Let’s dive into a serious comparison that will allow us to draw further conclusions, see what actually makes these tools different, and learn if Brand24 is a good alternative to Awario?

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Awario alternatives: Features

Features that Awario and Brand24 offer are probably what interests all of us the most. While looking for alternatives to Awario, you should definitely focus on researching other tools’ functions.

Let’s start the comparison and learn more about both social media and web monitoring tools to see if there are differences between them as far as functions are concerned. We will dive into an analysis of both social media features and functions of various categories.

Monitored Platforms

Let’s start the comparison of features with the platforms that both Awario and Brand24 monitor. This factor is probably the most important one for potential clients that are in need of social media monitoring. In this case, the more sources the better, but their credibility and reliability are significant as well. 

Awario, as a web monitoring tool, covers two types of sources: 

  1. Online media – websites, news sites, and blogs.
  2. Social media – Twitter, Youtube, and Reddit. 

Awario does not track many social media platforms, so it definitely spots fewer brand mentions.

Awario does not offer data from Facebook and Instagram anymore. It is currently being re-reviewed by Facebook’s team. Awario may or may not be approved by Facebook but either way, the verification process will surely take some time. If Awario will be able to collect data from Facebook and Instagram ever again, their possibilities will be likely limited.

A screenshot showing Awario dashboard.
List of monitored sources is no longer current.

Brand24 monitors a couple types of sources:

  1. Social media posts from Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube, Reddit, Twitch, TikTok,
  2. Online media – websites, news sites, blogs, forums, review sites,
  3. Podcasts,
  4. Newsletters. 

Brand24 lets you browse through social media platforms and traditional websites.

Awario alternative - Brand24. A screenshot of Brand24 dashboard.
Brand 24 dashboard. This is what you see after you log in.

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Brand24 is a social media and web monitoring tool and is able to monitor Facebook and Instagram due to the integration, that is compliant with the latest rules, terms, and guidelines. This integration is perfect for business owners, marketers, agencies, and social media managers. Here is why: 

Brand24 can be used as a social media management platform as well, since helps you to collect some of the publicly available Facebook mentions.

As far as Instagram is concerned you can monitor public photos and videos containing a specific hashtag/hashtags, public photos, videos and comments in which an Instagram Business or Creator Account’s alias has been tagged or @mentioned, public photos and/or videos posted by an Instagram Business or Creator Account’s account. 

Hashtag tracking

Both tools offer hashtag monitoring, but Brand24 allows to track hashtags on Instagram and all the other sources, and Awario does not include some of these platforms e.g. Instagram. 

Tracking hashtags can help a lot with social media marketing, as it gives you insights on how to improve your social media content with trending hashtags or monitor hashtag campaigns and see how they are performing.

Social data connected to hashtags, such as sentiment analysis, can boost your marketing strategy, and help you understand what people think about your company. Brand24 offers custom reports connected to hashtag tracking.

Sentiment Analysis

Awario and Brand24 offer sentiment analysis, and that’s a huge plus for both of the social listening tools! Moreover, Brand24’s sentiment analysis works for over 90 languages. 

A screenshot showing features of Brand24 - awario Alternative.
A screenshot showing features of Brand24 – awario Alternative.

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Sentiment analysis is a vital data for measuring brand reputation and online presence. It’s a very useful tool for social media and PR managers. In Brand24 you can filter through positive or negative mentions to check how people are talking about your business.


Awario offers PDF and HTML reports. 

Brand24 helps to create PDF, Excel, Email (daily, weekly, storm alerts) reports, and Infographics. Email reports are extremely useful as they allow you to save some time and monitor your business everywhere, at any time.

Moreover, in Brand24 you can turn social data gathered via mentions into an insightful infographic.


Brand24 can send you an email, Slack, or mobile notifications every time something important changes in your dashboard. You can also set keyword alerts to stay up to date with all the brand mentions and conversations about companies.

We also trigger instant notifications with storm alerts – it happens every time you’ve been mentioned online an unusual amount of times. This way, you are always up to date with your brand reputation.

Awario does not send out mobile notifications, but it can send you email and Slack notifications.


3 users can use Awario’s Pro plan, and 10 users are allowed for the Enterprise plan. 

Up to 99 users can use one Brand24’s account. This may be your whole company! 

A screenshot showing Awario features.
Awario features.

Mobile App

Brand24 has a mobile app that makes it easier to monitor your business and brand mentions no matter where and at any time. 

Awario does not have a mobile app. 

Influencer marketing

Brand24 has created its own metric that is made for influencer marketing. Influence score helps you find, identify, and collaborate with micro and popular influencers that work in your niche.

Influence score is calculated for social media accounts that mention your brand or use a keyword of your choice. Inside Brand24’s analysis tab, you’ll find a lot of information that will help you master influencer marketing. 

The social media monitoring tool implemented in Brand24 is perfect for boosting your digital marketing strategy including social networks influencers.

Awario creates lists of influencers that you can turn into reports.

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Competitor analysis

Brand24, a social listening tool, has a dedicated Comparison tab that allows you to compare two or more projects with each other. This feature makes competitor analysis and tracking your competitors easier. It is pretty useful while planning your marketing strategy or doing market research.

Brand24 Comparison Tab.
Brand24 comparison tab.

The other platform does not have such a tab, but it allows you to compare projects with each other in the main Dashboard. You can use this feature to monitor and compare competitors.


Brand24 offers multiple filtering options that are visible and available for every client. The tool allows you to save a specific set of filters to be used further in the PDF report or next visits on the app. The filters tab is visible right in the main dashboard.

Awario lets you filter mentions, but these options are less visible. 

Brand24 - online brand monitoring tool. Screenshot of features page and reviews on G2.
Brand24’s features on G2
Awario features on G2.
Awario’s features on G2

There are a couple of features that both platforms offer, but since Brand24 is a little bit more advanced, it definitely has a wider range of functions than Awario. Brand24 also covers more platforms, including Facebook and Instagram, which already makes it a good alternative to Awario.

Awario alternatives: Visuals

The interface of social media monitoring software is also very important in my opinion. It needs to be user-friendly, clear, and understandable. Let’s check how both products perform as far as their design is concerned.


Awario’s design is similar to Brand24’s but is definitely less clear and less user-friendly.

Awario Mention statistics.
Awario mention statistics.

Awario’s social media analytics look poor compared to Brand24’s graphs or Analysis and Summary tabs.


Brand24 Graphs
Awario alternative – Brand24 graphs.
Brand24 Analysis Tab.
Brand24 analysis tab.

Awario alternatives: Reviews

I found Awario and Brand24 on Capterra and G2, the two most important (from my point of view) review sites. I wanted to compare how both of these services are performing as far as reviews are concerned. 

Brand24 and Awario comparison of reviews.
Comparison of Awario & Brand24 reviews on G2.

Awario reviews

Awario is a platform that has rather good opinions, but not many of them.

  • G2: 4.1/5 basing on 30 reviews.
  • Capterra: 4.5/5 basing on 43 reviews. 

Brand24 reviews

Brand24 is a platform with definitely more testimonials, probably because of its higher recognition, brand awareness, and well-known good reputation.

  • G2: 4.6/5 basing on 187 reviews.
  • Capterra: 4.7/5 basing on 138 reviews. 

Reviews justify the fact that Brand24’s clients are satisfied with how the solution is performing. Awario’s reviews are good as well, but Brand24 definitely wins this comparison, as it has more testimonials. If you are looking for alternatives to Awario, Brand24 seems to be a good one so far.

Awario alternatives: Pricing

Awario and Brand24 both offer 3 categories of plans that in my opinion are pretty flexible and both social listening tools are of reasonable price. They are suitable for many brands, teams, or even startups. 

Brand24 Pricing

Brand24 will provide you with a 14-day free trial that you may use without any commitments because it does not require a credit card. Then, you can choose between three pricing plans that can be customized if you wish. 

  1. Individual $49/month
  2. Team $99/month
  3. Pro $149/month
  4. Enterprise $249/month
Brand24 pricing plans

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Awario Pricing

Awario has a 7-day free trial to offer that also does not require a credit card. After that, you will be offered 3 pricing plans as well. 

  1. Starter 29$/month
  2. Pro 89$/month
  3. Enterprise 299$/month 

At first, it seems like Awario has two out of free plans that are cheaper than Brand24’s plans. But as soon as you dive a little bit deeper into comparison, you’ll see what you get for Awario pricing – definitely fewer data. 

Awario’s 1st plan is a bit cheaper and 2nd plan is almost identical to the one Brand24 offers, so if you don’t need a lot of data, you can use it as an alternative to Brand24.

Value for money

Awario pricing is a bit tricky. Brand24 is still affordable and cheaper as far as the 3rd plan is concerned. It gives you much more for a better price. 

A good thing is that both social media monitoring products offer a free trial that you can use to check if the products meet your expectations.


In the end, I can say that I understand why some say that Awario is similar to Brand24. After the comparison, I definitely must say that both social listening tools have their pros and cons, but they are much more different social listening capabilities than I thought.

Awario is a little bit cheaper but is more basic at the same time in my biased opinion. A good thing is that Awario offers sentiment analysis, and allows you to still track Twitter hashtags. For some businesses, it will be just enough and that’s good! Everyone needs to find a perfect solution that meets their needs and personal preferences.

If you are looking for alternatives to Awario, Brand24 seems like a good one. Just like Awario, it has a free trial so it allows you to sign up for free and test the service without any commitments.

Brand24 monitors more categories of web sources, serves more purposes, it offers more analysis, more social data, and custom reporting features. In general, Brand24 offers a full variety of features important for social media marketing teams and brands from different niches.

It has great reviews and definitely a long-standing reputation. Brand24’s design is user-friendly and all of that for just a couple of dollars higher price. That’s why, if you are looking for Awario alternatives, you can check Brand24 out without hesitation.

To sum up – it’s worth checking Awario competitors, especially if they offer a free trial. Which media monitoring tool is your favorite?


What is Awario used for?

Awario is a social listening and web monitoring tool designed to track and analyze relevant mentions of your brand, products, or industry across the web and social media platforms. It provides real-time monitoring capabilities, which means you receive instant notifications when your predefined keywords are mentioned. This allows businesses to promptly respond to customer queries, react to industry trends, and engage with their audience in a timely manner. Despite its robust features, businesses also consider alternatives like Brand24, which offers more comprehensive social listening and media monitoring capabilities.

Where is Awario based?

Awario is developed by a company called Link-Assistant.Com, which is based in Belarus. Despite its Eastern European origins, Awario serves customers all around the globe with its social listening and web monitoring solutions.

What are other Awario alternatives?

Here are five alternatives to Awario, each offering unique capabilities:

  1. Brand24: Brand24 offers real-time monitoring of mentions across social media and the web. It transforms raw data into valuable insights, which can inform marketing campaigns and enhance social marketing strategies.
  2. Sprout Social: This tool provides an integrated platform for social media management, including monitoring, publishing, and analytics. Its advanced search features and comprehensive reporting make it a top choice for businesses looking for a holistic approach to social marketing.
  3. Mention: Mention tracks brand mentions across the web and social media, offering real-time alerts to keep businesses informed. Its ability to turn external data into actionable insights makes it a strong competitor.
  4. Hootsuite: Known for its comprehensive social media management features, Hootsuite also offers robust monitoring and analytics capabilities. It’s a good alternative for those wanting to manage their social marketing efforts all in one place.
  5. Talkwalker: Talkwalker offers powerful social listening and analytics tools, helping brands understand their online presence. Its advanced search and AI-powered analytics provide a deeper understanding of your brand’s digital footprint.

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